Laundry Management Tips

Laundry Management Tips
We have a large family. There are six children still at home - ages ranging from 11 years old to 10 months and another baby due in October. I also have to older stepchildren - so our home has been filled with children since we were married. Along the way I have discovered a few things about laundry. Hopefully my discoveries can help you as you try to manage your laundry mountains!

One of the first things that I discovered is I don't like binge laundry. If I were to do all of our laundry on one day it would take me approximately 20 loads. Honestly, unless I took it to a laundry mat I don't believe I could actually DO 20 loads in one singe day! So, no binge laundry for me.

I keep the washer full of towels. As we use towels we throw them in the washing machine. So, that is usually the first load we do - if it isn't big enough for a full load then we can add bedding or what not to it. We always have bedding to do, too!

Another thing that I have discovered is I have to have a supply of laundry 'tools' ready at all times: spray cleaners, laundry detergent, fabric softener, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, etc. I have to have this for doing our laundry - so I had better make sure I always have it on hand.

Also, it doesn't work for us to separate laundry per person, as I could when my husband and I were first married. I have to have buckets in the laundry room for whites, jeans/pants, blouses/shirts, etc. This makes it easy to start a load of laundry at a moments notice.

I have also learned that the children can be my biggest obstacle or my biggest helpers. I opt for having them help rather than detract from the whole laundry experience. They have to be trained to do their part: not keeping clothes stashed in their rooms on the floor, not keep towels and clothing on the floors in bathrooms, etc. We all have to work together.

In order for me to not be overwhelmed with laundry I do at least one load of laundry everyday. USUALLY it is 2 loads and sometimes it seems like it is never ending, however, I know that that if we didn't stay on top of it every day we would all run out of clothing and things would be chaotic and crazy.

Good luck finding your own system of laundry management. For our family, daily is best. For yours it may be that once a week suits you. We are all unique and have to things that work best for us! Good luck!

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