Eragon, Inheritance Book 1

Eragon, Inheritance Book 1
Christopher Paolini’s novel Eragon is coming-of-age story about a fifteen-year-old boy of the same name. Eragon’s parentage is unknown. He lives with his uncle and cousin. A farmer’s life is hard, but he has his family.

Eragon is a great hunter. He travels the local Spine mountains in search of deer. The venison is for the family’s winter provisions. Eragon is not successful on this hunt. He does find a blue stone which he takes home. Maybe he can sell it for winter meat.

The mysterious blue stone is not as it appears. Ownership of the stone changes Eragon’s life. We, the readers, get to share the young man’s wonderful life changes.

Eragon’s setting is during the middle ages. There are no mansions; there are castles. Fortress walls surround cities. Warriors wear armor and chain mail. Swords and bow and quiver are the weapons of choice.

Eragon is a fantasy story complete with elves and dwarfs. There are witches and wizards. Paolini has some new characters found only in Eragon. He has Urgals and Shades. And there are the Dragon Riders!

Dragon Riders are elves and humans who fly over the countryside on dragons. Yes, the fire breathing kind! The Riders have amazing strength and cunning. They do magic and speak the secret old language.

If you enjoy the J R R Tolkein novels, you will surely like this book. The mysteries blend well with the fantasy. What will happen next? Turn the pages and enter the fantastic world of Eragon. The book has five hundred pages, but you will attempt to read it in one sitting.

Read a copy of Eragon. Try your local library for a copy. If your library doesn’t have the book, get one online. Christopher Paolini’s novel, Eldest, is the second in the Inheritance Trilogy. Brisingr is the third installment. Eragon and Eldest are now together in one convenient volume. Read the fantasy novels before the release of Brisingr.

Inheritance Trilogy by Christopher Paolini


Eragon the movie is now available on DVD.

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Note: Eragon by Christopher Paolini review copy was received from the library.

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