Constipation Solutions

Constipation Solutions
Are you having problems with constipation? Constipation is when you have trouble with a bowel movement. Here are common causes for constipation, and ways to solve them!

First, there are of course medical conditions that can cause constipation, so if it goes on for a long while and does not seem related to a change in diet, always contact a doctor to get it diagnosed. However, if you have just started a new diet, and have changed your eating style, and then suddenly became constipated, it's likely that your diet change has caused the problem.

Drinking Water
Since constipation is about your stool becoming hard and large, so it does not get out of your intestines easily, one key cause of constipation is that you are not drinking enough liquids every day. It is absolutely necessary for you to drink 8 glasses of water each day to have your body function well. If you're not drinking 8 glasses - especially if you drink alcohol and therefore are drying your body out - you need to start immediately.

There's a link in the footer of this page to help you learn how to do that!

Eating Fiber
A second component of constipation is that the stool is hard, so it gets stuck in the intestines. It needs to be softer. Fiber is critical in having soft stool! Are you eating enough fiber? Some foods which are high in fiber include:

* raspberries
* artichokes
* kale
* broccoli
* high fiber bread

I have a full list below of a range of high fiber foods.

If you run into days where you just cannot get these types of items into your meal plan, then I absolutely recommend taking fiber pills. I personally take 3 a day and it is incredibly helpful to my overall system. The ones I take are the orange-flavored chewable Fiber Choice ones, which are tasty and easy to eat. I take them in the morning when I eat my vitamins.

Men should be getting 38g of fiber every day, while women should be eating 25g. Most people do not get *nearly* that amount of fiber, and their body suffers for it.

So the two keys to avoiding constipation are to drink the proper amounts of water, and to eat the proper amounts of fiber!

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