Mindfulness and Adult ADD

Mindfulness and Adult ADD
Why spend your life skidding from one chaotic activity to another? Zipping from one urgent job to a mess that needs to be cleaned up takes a lot of energy. Is there another way to manage your life if you have adult ADD? Bring some order to your chaos. Mindfulness can help.

What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is the practice of being aware and attentive to what is going on at the present moment. Where is your body in the space that surrounds it? What is your breathing like? How does your body feel? If there are events happening around you, how are you interacting with your environment? What are you thinking? The focused awareness of mindfulness may help to train your mind to be more attentive.

Mindfulness can be practiced anywhere, although it may be difficult for busy and distracted people to take the time to do this. You don’t need fancy equipment. Slowing down and focusing your attention is what is important. Exercises in mindfulness can be physical or mental.

Both yoga and tai chi can help with focus. By attending to the practice of formal movements and the positions of your body in space, you can increase your ability to concentrate. Learning the movements and practicing to perfect them can be a powerful tool to train your attention.

Another way to practice mindfulness is to pay attention to your thoughts in the present moment. Do you have intrusive thoughts? What are they telling you? Intrusive thoughts can be an indication of an unresolved problem. Instead of ignoring the thoughts and pushing these thoughts away, embrace them. Be aware of those unwanted thoughts that pop into your mind, and attend to what they are telling you.

When your life is in a state of chaos, you can use mindfulness to get to the heart of the turmoil. Don’t try to escape the havoc in your life. Attend to why it is happening. Be aware of the disorder. When did you first notice it? What happened just before things went horribly wrong? Find the reason that the disorder is happening. If you can do something about it, make a plan and deal with it. Deliberately use your ADD powers of creativity to formulate a method to bring some order into the equation.

If the matter is out of your hands, you need to let go of the unrest that it is causing in your life. What can you do to calm the feelings that the situation engendered? Attend to your feeling of instability. Think back to another time when you felt this way. How were you able to successfully deal with the feeling? Can you use that method again? What would be the first step, the “now” step, to implement that plan?

Sometimes a bit of energetic bouncing from one thing to another without thinking can be downright interesting for adults with Attention Deficit Disorder! That’s fine, if the bounding about is your choice. However, if it is the only way that you know how to operate, then you might want to practice mindfulness. Pay attention to your life. Fix that which you can do something about. Give yourself options. Enjoy your adult life with ADD the way that you want to live it!

If you want a guide to mindfulness that is more practical than spiritual, this book is recommended for you! Easy to read and based in science and practice, this book is great!

The Mindfulness Solution: Everyday Practices for Everyday Problems

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