Supernatural Creatures

Facts about all sorts of creatures in the supernatural world including, but certainly not limited to, vampires, werewolves, fairies, and shapechangers.

A Monster: Albert Fish star
Serial killer Hamilton “Albert” Fish was known as the Vampire of Brooklyn, the Werewolf of Wysteria, and the Gray Man. This evil creature was born May 19, 1870 in Washington, D.C. to a father of 75 and a mother of 32.

Chupacabras star[offsite link]
Read about el chupacabra. This weird predator is accused of taking all the blood from its prey.

Krampus, Santa of the dark side star
According to the Alpine folklore of Krampus, which means “claw,” not only are bad children not rewarded with gifts at Christmas, but through the night of Dec. 5 and the morning of Dec. 6, naughty children are punished for their wicked behavior.

Spring Heeled Jack star
Victorian England isn’t known for being an exciting era. Although, I’m sure for those who had the pleasure(?) of meeting Spring Heeled Jack, it did have its moments!

The Black Dog star[offsite link]
The Black Dog is a phenomena that involves a large phantom black dog. Read about encounters with this paranormal phenomenon with many names.

The Clurichaun star
This little cryptid is one you might actually want to have around! Although they are mischievous, the clurichaun has some great attributes too! If you enjoy wine, and I do, you will want to pay special attention to these little green fairies.

The Vampire His Kith & Kin star[offsite link]
This online book by Montague Summers was written in 1928 and is considered a must for anyone interested in the subject of vampires.

The “Old Hag” Syndrome star
Years ago, I believe I met “Old Hag.” At about 3 a.m. one morning, I awakened to the inability to move or speak, totally paralyzed, a heavy weight upon my chest, and a feeling that someone or something evil was watching me.

Vampire Facts star[offsite link]
Everything you need to know about vampires.

Vampires in Modern Culture star[offsite link]
If you don´t think there are many vampires in modern culture, think again. Take a walk through media history with these vampires.

Vampires in Myth and History star[offsite link]
This article describes the difference in the Eastern European vampires including the strigoi of Romania. There is also information about Gypsy beliefs about vampires.

Voodoo (Vodou) Zombies of Haiti star
Zombies are made into the living dead through a bokor’s potion and, perhaps an accompanying spell. The bokor makes the zombie his slave by taking his or her life, and then bringing the individual back from the dead - usually with no memory of a past.

Werewolf Facts star[offsite link]
History of the Werewolf.

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