Information about subjects considered abnormal or peculiar.

Anomalies star[offsite link]
Here is a database of anomalies.

Coral Castle in Florida star
Engineers and scientists can't explain how this remarkable monument to a lost love was built, and the methods of construction have been compared to England’s Stonehenge and the great pyramids of Egypt.

Doppelgangers star
Some believe seeing one’s own, or a family member’s, doppelganger, is a portent of illness, bad luck, or even death.

Dyatlov Pass Incident star
In early February of 1959, a group of ski hikers were found dead under mysterious circumstances in the northern Ural Mountains of Russia. The pass where the nine hikers were found has since been named after the leader of the group, Igor Dyatlov, and is currently called Dyatlov Pass.

Earthfiles star[offsite link]
This is a source for anomalies concerning the Earth and our environment.

Eye Floaters as Spiritual Phenomenon star
Mr. Tausin believes that eye floaters in the vitreous are not a sign of disease nor are they a sign of old age. They are a “connection with our own development of consciousness.”

Fortean Times star[offsite link]
This site is dedicated to mysterious phenomena.

Japan's Suicide Mountain star
What is it about the Sea of Trees, also called the Jukai, located on the forests of Mount Fuji in Japan that draws people there to take their own lives?

Killer Melon Heads of Kirtland star
Not long after WWII ended, the federal government hired a doctor to treat hydrocephalic children at his remote orphanage-type institute, Sumner Cottage, in Kirtland, Ohio.

Magic of Christmas star
Few would argue with the idea that the most prevalent sensation of the paranormal might be during the Christmas season. There is such a feeling of anticipation, expectancy, and happiness in the air. It isn't the typical mood one perceives in others.

Major R. Sumerford vs. Lightning star
I enjoy being out in a storm, and feeling like I’m part of the excitement of it all! If Major R. Sumerford of Vancouver, Canada, was alive today, I’m sure he would consider that to be very foolish behavior indeed. Sumerford was struck by lightning three times during his life in Canada.

Morel Madness star
Every spring, for about two weeks, sometimes a little longer, depending on the amount of sunshine and rain our Earth receives, a phenomenon called "mushroom hunting season" sweeps through the mid west.

Rain of Blood Kills Garden star
The story of Ed Mootz and the blood-red rain that destroyed his garden,and other tales of odd substances that have been reported to have fallen from the sky.

Science Frontiers star[offsite link]
Read many anomaly reports.

Society for Inter-Disciplinary Studies star[offsite link]
This society studies catastrophic events.

The Anomalist star[offsite link]
This is a news source about anomalies.

The Bleeding Yew Tree star
In the churchyard, ancient yew trees line the path leading up to the church. One of the trees is extremely old and twisted with a dark red liquid flowing from a gash in the trunk. The liquid is the color and consistency of blood. I read one report that indicated the substance cannot be identified.

The Book of the Damned star[offsite link]
This book by Charles Fort was written in 1919. Charles Fort was an occult writer. In this book, he recounts mysterious events that have happened but are excluded from books of science.

The International Fortean Organization star[offsite link]
Information on the 47th Conference on Anomalous Phenomena March 29-30, 2008 in Baltimore, MD with talks by experts on many fascinating subjects including UFOs, religion, freemasonry, the Illuminati, and werewolves.

The Strange Case of Edward Mordrake star
Fans of the show American Horror Story will recognize the name Edward Mordrake. What many might not realize is that Mordrake was a real individual who lived in the 1800s.

What are Shadow People? star
"Shadow People” is a relatively new paranormal term that I have been seeing and hearing about rather often lately, as reported sightings have been increasing worldwide.

What is the Mandela Effect? star
A few weeks ago my son asked my daughter and I if we remember the movie Shazaam from the 1990s starring Sinbad. We both replied that we do. Although many people remember the movie very well, even specific scenes, there is no evidence that this movie ever existed. How can that be?

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