Jigsaw Puzzles - Mixed Birds

Various birds that I don´t have enough puzzles to give a full category.

Blossum, The Cape Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle star
Blossum, the beautiful Cape Parrot posed for this picture and Cindy Chadwick kindly allowed me to use the picture for a jigsaw puzzle.

Cage Party Jigsaw Puzzle star
Thanks to Annette Hodge for this adorable picture of her birds having a party on one of the cages. Should be fun putting this one together.

Canary and Budgie Jigsaw Puzzle star
Lou Garwood captured this picture of his Canary - Scooter and one of his Budgies - Pretty Boy, playing with a mirror.

Cape Parrots Jigsaw Puzzle star
Oba and Binky are Cape Parrots posing for this jigsaw puzzle. Thanks to Cindy Chadwick for allowing me to use this picture.

Dove & Quail Jigsaw Puzzle star
Try this puzzle of a dove & a quail sitting together. I thought it was a cute picture.

Dove Jigsaw Puzzle star
My doves love sitting on a tiny canary nest and I thought this would make a sweet jigsaw puzzle.

Grey Headed Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle star
Aztec, the Grey Headed Parrot is sure looking good in this jigsaw puzzle.

Ivan, the Eclectus Jigsaw Puzzle star
Ivan, the Eclectus shows off his beautiful colours in this picture taken by Gwen Toews that I have made into a jigsaw puzzle.

Jupiter the Caique Jigsaw Puzzle star
Jupiter the Caique was enjoying a treat when Teresa Schnurr took this great picture to make a jigsaw puzzle.

Kukub the Black-Wing Jardine Jigsaw Puzzle star
Kukub, the Black Winged Jardine is enjoying a snack in this picture submitted by Aletta Holdt for this jigsaw puzzle.

Meyers Parrot in Flight Jigsaw Puzzle star
Gay Noeth took this wonderful picture of JD, her Meyers Parrot in flight an I thought it would make a great jigsaw puzzle.

Myers Jigsaw Puzzle star
Odie the Myers Parrot posed for a picture, so I could make this jigsaw puzzle for you to try.

Samson the Senegal Jigsaw Puzzle star
Samson, the Senegal loves to play, but stopped long enough for K G Cummings to take the cute picture for a jigsaw puzzle.

Senegal Jigsaw Puzzle star
A young Senegal sits in front of a window. Thanks to Gay Noeth for the use of the picture.

Senegal Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle star
Cheesepuff, the Senegal Parrot is really enjoying a good munch on a carrot for this jigsaw puzzle.

Tango, the Jardines Parrot Jigsaw Puzzle star
Tango, the Jardines Parrot is still getting used to his new home with Cindy Chadwick in the picture that makes a great jigsaw puzzle.

Yani - Scarlet Chested Parakeet Jigsaw Puzzle star
Yani, the beautiful Scarlet Chested Parakeet is looking at you as you try this jigsaw puzzle.

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