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Rosenberg Self Esteem Test
Rosenberg Self Esteem test has been used in over 40 countries for about 45 years. Now you can take the test and let journaling improve their self esteem in the process.

Jounal Blogs
There are 152 million blogs on the Internet, on every imaginable topic. What makes a blog stand out or better yet, how does one make their blog stand above the others? Let us explore what makes a successful blog.

Speed Journaling Relaxes You
Journaling is not a ‘gift’ but a learn able skill. The more you journal, the more solid the habit becomes. The more journaling techniques you try, the more stimulating your journals become. Writing styles improves your vocabulary. Now try speed journaling and become more relaxed!

Destiny Dreamz Online Journal
Dreams help clarify current situations, shed light on issues of the day and give you direction for your tomorrow. Destiny Dreamz has created a website that is filled with useful information while offering practical assistance in personal dream interpretation.

Inspirational Journals
Each journal is unique and wonderfully compiled. These journals make great gifts as well as for personal use. If you are struggling knowing how to journal and what to journal these inspirational journals are a journey worth taking.

January 2012 Journaling
Pulling and weaving threads of myths and old legends are enriching journal exercises. 2012 is the best year to look at these myths and old legends with December 21, 2012 just around the corner!

Living Above Disappointment...Journal Prompts
Whatever your circumstance this week I want to give six journaling prompts that will allow you to live above your disappointments and experience joy in spite of your situation.

Holiday Season Journaling...Be Creative!
Memories are being made everyday and so many issues keep coming our way. During the holidays more people find themselves depressed, discouraged and wounded.

The Weeks Prompt is 'Mystery' ~ God's Mysteries
This week’s prompt is ‘mysteries’ with emphasis on the fifth definition. Whether you are a believer or not, these daily prompts will challenge you to know what you believe.

I Hear God's Voice Journal
This past month I challenged myself and began a new journal called ‘Hearing God’s Voice’ to see all the ways God spoke to me and how I reacted to the voice and words I heard.

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