Dr Seuss - Daisy Head Mayzie

Dr Seuss - Daisy Head Mayzie
Dr. Seuss(March 2, 1904-September 24, 1991) is the author of Daisy-Head Mayzie. Random House published the kids picture book three years after his death. The Dr. Seuss adventure book is for children between the ages four and eight-years-old. However, people of all ages read Dr. Seuss Classic Hardback books. In the story book, Mayzie McGrew, a young female elementary school student, for no explicit reason sprouts a daisy on the top of her head.

Daisy-Head Mayzie’s parents are in a tizzy. They go dizzy trying to remove the daisy from Mayzie. Her parents can do nothing to remove the daisy. The townspeople are wide-eyed with amazement. Soon, she is a worldwide sensation. People flock to view the unusual sight. A greedy agent arrives to promote Mayzie. The young girl’s life becomes a media show. Flash bulbs are popping. People are gawking and the press stalks daily.

Daisy-Head Mayzie has fame. She has money from branded items, but she is unhappy. No true friends surround her; no one truly loves her. Her immediate family is far away. She cannot go home due to contract obligations. In the depths of her despair, the daisy disappears as suddenly as it appeared. Mayzie goes home. At home, she finds love and peace. She returns to school as a regular, but a happy student.

Dr. Seuss uses rhyming verse to write Daisy-Head Mayzie. As in many Dr. Seuss story books, Daisy-Head Mayzie contains a lesson. Don’t let fame or a daisy go to your head. Fame is not everything. A loving family and good friends are life’s greatest treasures. Unfortunately, we see daily the results of those who did not heed this lesson.

Children need to have a regular routine. A set bedtime and place to sleep are part of the daily routine. Read a bedtime story as part of the nightly ritual. Read quiet, soothing books to children in their warm, comfortable bed. This allows a child to associate reading with comfort and security. The association will continue a lifetime.

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Note: Daisy-Head Mayzie by Dr Seuss review book is from the public library. Random House publishes Dr. Seuss and Magic Tree House Books.

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