A Sacral Chakra Sequence

A Sacral Chakra Sequence
As human beings, we are engineered to create. Some of us do so by raising children; others generate art; many of us do both. Unfortunately, the pace of modern life often drains our reserves, leaving us burned out and unproductive. Scientific studies have demonstrated a connection between yoga and creativity in any form, and a regular yoga practice can help by strengthening our connection to the Source. Svadhisthana, the sacral chakra, is connected to our reproductive systems and to our creative energies; it also can help with issues associated with addiction.

Asanas that work the hip and groin area stimulate Svadhisthana, but these postures need to be approached with respect. Take the time to warm up the body and try to avoid ego-driven pushes to stretch as far and as fast as possible. When setting an intention for this practice, consider working with the idea of self-care.

1. Start in Simple Seated Pose with your right leg in front. Straighten the spine. Consider sitting on a bolster to lower your knees, or sit with your back against a wall for support. Take a moment to take two or three slow breaths, keeping the inhale and exhale even.

2. Place your hands on the floor behind your rear end and push your arms straight, slightly puffing out your chest. Bend forward slowly, from the hip, moving your arms in front of you. Continue to walk your arms forward, stopping at the point in which you feel a comfortable stretch in the low back and/or hip, keeping your back straight. Hold the final pose for a few breaths before coming out slowly. Re-cross your legs so that the left leg is in front, and repeat these directions.

3. Come to a ‘table-top position’ with your hands directly under your shoulders and your thighs directly under your hips. Take a few Cat-Cows to flex and extend the spine. Then raise your right hand and left leg. Reach your hand out to the wall in front, your leg out to the wall in back, your back straight. Enjoy the balance – you are working your entire core. Breathe, then lower your appendages with control. Repeat on the other side.

4. Come to standing. A few repetitions of Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations, will warm the body.

5. When you are ready, move back to the floor and return to Simple Seated Pose. Move into Fire Log or Agnistambhasana. Hold this pose or move through it into Half-Lotus, and Full Lotus progressively, spending a few breaths on each pose. Repeat the sequence on the other side.

6. Take Baddha Konasana or Bound Angle Pose with a straight spine or bending forward from the hip – your choice.

7. Come back to Table-Top and then move into Half Pigeon on each side. Then turn onto your back.

8. Spend some time in Apasana, or Knees to Chest, before moving into Savasana.

Newcomers to asana, please keep in mind that yoga is not a contest. This sequence can be particularly challenging if your hips are tight. It makes sense to learn these poses from a qualified teacher before integrating them into your personal practice. Consider using props to help you access each asana without dangerously contorting your spine and hips, and back away from any pose that actively hurts!

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