Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods and Diet

Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods and Diet
Many scientists now believe the inflammatory response is at the root of all disease. This is why anti-inflammatory foods and a natural anti-inflammatory diet are so important.

For example, what do heart disease, sports injury, arthritis, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, cancer, depression, diabetes and hay fever all have in common? Surprisingly enough, all these different conditions have one common denominator – inflammation!

Even wrinkles have been linked to skin inflammation.

But with a good natural anti-inflammatory diet and eating the right ant-inflammatory foods you can actually stop and even reverse inflammatory pain and deadly diseases.

Inflammation Symptoms and Anti-inflammatory Solutions

Although inflammation is part of your body’s defense system against harmful bacteria, viruses and other nasty invaders, scientists have now found that when the inflammatory response breaks down and no longer switches off, it can cause a multitude of problems.

The four well known and accepted external inflammation symptoms listed below were first recognized and described by an ancient Roman physician around 30 BC. They are:
  • Swelling,

  • Warmth,

  • Redness,

  • And Pain.
But it's now known that inflammation can also be secretly, slowly and silently wreaking havoc on your body internally, causing underlying damage without you ever knowing it.

What can you do to prevent and reverse the damage caused by chronic inflammation?

It starts with healthy lifestyle habits. Regular exercise, reaching and maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking and cutting down on stress all help reduce inflammation. But the most important factor in fighting inflammation is the nutrition you get every day.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods and Diet

Adding anti-inflammatory foods and supplements and eliminating inflammatory foods can dramatically slow down aging and decrease your risk of ALL chronic diseases.

Here are the main natural anti-inflammatory dietary suggestions. Following these six steps will provide you with the best nutritional defense against inflammation and disease:

Increase anti-inflammatory fats. Good fats greatly decrease inflammation and pain and bad fats cause inflammation problems. So it's important to eat the right food fat.

The omega 3 fatty acids found in cold water fish and high quality fish oil capsules are the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory agents available. Other good sources of essential fatty acids are seeds, olive oil, whole grains and nuts – especially walnuts.

Decrease inflammatory fats. Red meat, trans-fatty acids (mainly from hydrogenated oils), flax seed oil and foods high in saturated fats can trigger inflammation. Instead choose healthy high protein foods like fish, poultry, low fat dairy, whole grains and beans.

Eat more high fiber foods. A diet rich in high fiber foods reduces inflammation. So make sure the carbohydrates in your diet come mainly from whole grains, beans, vegetables and fruit. All your bread, cereal and pasta should be 100% whole grain.

Up Your Phytonutrients. Foods rich in plant nutrients can prevent and even reverse inflammation. Brightly colored and green leafy vegetables and fresh colorful whole fruits are packed with anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, healthy fiber and nutritious antioxidants.

Add ginger for spice and relief. Studies show ginger has therapeutic properties that include an anti-inflammatory effect. It can be used to season food or brewed as tea.

Drink only healthy beverages. Your body needs about eight cups of fluids daily. The best and healthiest sources are pure, clean drinking water and warm herbal teas.

Remember, even though inflammation isn't always seen or felt, trouble can be brewing.

But you can ensure your body’s inflammatory response switch gets turned on only when necessary and prevent or even reverse inflammation by changing your diet and lifestyle.

You'll notice your joints feel better, your skin looks younger and allergy symptoms will decrease. At the same time, you'll also reduce your risk of heart disease, inflammatory arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes and all the other complications of aging.

Since omega 3 fish oil is the most important natural anti-inflammatory nutrient, be sure to check out my highest recommendation for fish oil supplements at the omega 3 web site.

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