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April 26 2012 LDS Families Newsletter

Hello Friends! Easter has passed and Spring is here for reals (at least HERE in Idaho). I’m sure you’re all getting ready for summer like I am, trying to figure out just how to best fill those days (too, too few) with my kids before they’ll be trotting back to school when I dare take time to blink!

Speaking of those kids—-as you may (or may not) know, I have triplets who are now six. (That’s six years old, not that they have somehow doubled their number!) These little guys have always had the sweetest black curls that I adore and can’t bear to cut, just like I adore my two blondies’ hair and woe to anyone who’d take a razor to it! But, I have always said--and stuck by it too—-that as soon as my children express a true opinion about their own hair I’ll honor it. My oldest had his buzzed like his daddy’s a few years ago (highly traumatic for me). The other day one of my trio—-the fraternal one—-brought my husband’s clippers downstairs when he was supposed to be in the bathtub, and asked for a haircut like his daddy. I recorded the whole thing, and never did actually cry. I felt sad that he would no longer be immediately identifiable as a triplet, but as the fraternal one, it isn’t always obvious anyway. People nearly always assume the other two are twins and he is just close in age, or a friend or something.

So I felt proud-ish of myself for holding up under such tragedy, when one of the two identical guys hopped out of the tub and said he wanted his hair shaved too. The third quickly joined in, and I very truly gulped just a bit. I said, “guys, give me a few days at least, ok?” Disappointed, they agreed, and climbed back into their bubbles. Then triplet number two came back and sat all wet and soapy on my lap.

“Yes, lovely one?”
“Do you want me to keep my cu-woes (curls)?”
Deep breath, “Well, I love your curls. But, I love you more, and if you super want them cut we’ll do that in a few days, ok?”
Sigh “No Mommy. We can’t. I’m not the boss of if my cu-woes are cut off.”
“Really? Who is?”
With a look that clearly said, *mommy don’t be a dummy* “My spi-wit (spirit). And my spi-wit says *keep the cu-woes for Mommy.*”

Ta-da! I present to you the world’s loveliest, be-curled (or be-cu-woed) child! (The other guy & the buzzed one are lovely too. So are the two blondies.)

Ok, enough of this, let’s get down to business:

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Jamie Rose, LDS Families Editor

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