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Scream Queens and Women In Horror
Women have always been very important in horror and nearly all horror movies have a woman running around and screaming. Some horror actresses make a habit of it. These bunch are the cream of the crop!

Censorship and Horror
When you have a genre such as horror, some films are bound to cause offence to someone, somewhere. A look at the eternal fight between the film and the censor.

Golden Era Movie Scares
Horror has been a part of cinema since it began. Many older movies pop up on late night cable and TV channels, or receive great DVD releases. Find examples here of Golden Era horror here:

Horror Fandom and Culture
Halloween is once a year, but the festivals, conventions and movie marathons run all year round. This section explores Horror fandom and culture.

Horror Reviews
DVD & Cinema reviews: Horror can be experienced just as well at home as it can at the cinema. Look here to find reviews of DVD and cinema releases.

Other Horror Media
From books and comics that have inspired a film, to T.V based horror.

Otherworldy Horror
Horror doesn´t have to be set in a creepy house or feature a masked maniac. Ghost´s and serial killers are just as scary.

Psychological Horror
If the movie feels real and the actors and actresses look genuinely terrified, then you have got yourself one scary fim.

Slasher Movies
Here you´ll find serial killers, psychos and just plain nut cases. Enough to ensure you lock the doors at night.

The Best of the Best - Run Downs
Everyone loves a good list. The Horror Guide´s lists vary from best for beginners and best quotable line to the most innovative death. Also includes the best movies, writers and directors etc.

The People Behind the Horror
Whether they act, write, direct or create the special effects, the people behind the movies reside here.

Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies
From Vampires to Zombies to Werewolves, all those tough to kill horror stalwarts can be found here.

Why Horror?
Why do we watch horror movies? What´s their appeal? Read the articles here, and you´ll see there are as many reasons as their are watchers.

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