Self Development
Developing and understanding communication patterns and how they affect relationships.

Curves: Permanent Results Without Permanent Dieting (Book Review) star
A review of Gary Heavin´s book. Discover what nearly 2 million women have learned about losing weight and keeping it off without depriving themselves of the things they love.

All the star[offsite link]

Barbarian´s Online Tests star[offsite link]
The best site on the web for tests...hands down.

Books star[offsite link]
A list of books for creativity, innovation, brainstorming, etc.

Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations star[offsite link]
An important goal of Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations is to promote high quality research on the application of emotional intelligence in organizations.

Curves for Women star[offsite link]
Curves for Women is an international phenomenon as a fitness center just for women.

David Pelzer (A Child Called It) star[offsite link]
His books are heartbreaking, but his indomitable spirit is inspiring. It makes you wonder what you have to complain about... star[offsite link]
One of the best places on the net for fun tests AND serious tests!

Dear Success Seeker – A Review star
I enjoy reading words of wisdom from women who have faced challenges and found the courage, strength and inner motivation to succeed. That’s what I found in a wonderful collection of letters compiled by author Michele R. Wright and written by outstanding women who shared their success strategies.

Do Re Mi´s Of Personality star[offsite link]
What your music tastes say about you

Eat Right For Your (Blood) Type star[offsite link]
Dr. Peter D´Adamo´s "Blood Type Diet".

EFT – Interview with Janet Hilts star
Does Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) really work? How can “tapping” clear out limiting beliefs? That’s exactly what I wanted to know so I posed these questions to Janet Hilts, a well-respected EFT practitioner. I think you’ll find my interview with Ms. Hilts interesting and informative.

Emode star[offsite link]
This site has tons of tests...some serious, and some silly.

Emotional Intelligence Services star[offsite link]
Includes articles by Daniel Goleman, author of the book Emotional Intelligence and a mini-emotional intelligence quiz.

Emotional Quotient International star[offsite link]
EQI is a group of volunteers in several countries who are interested in emotions, emotional needs and emotional intellingence. The volunteers include both adults and teens. EQI is completely independent and is not affiliated with any other groups or organization. The information on this site covers everything from the academic and corporate definitions of emotional intelligence to articles on parenting, education, relationships, abuse, and society´s unmet emotional needs. They believe that impr

Encouraging Others To Take Action star
Whether it’s encouraging children to clean their room or closing a business deal, understanding how to get others to take action is a powerful skill. Here’s an important fact to remember - When people take action they want to be able to BRAG about the results.

Everyday Positive Thinking star
The authors represented in this book are on the cutting edge of their respective areas of expertise; with this portable treasure trove of wisdom, you´ll be able to beneift from their insights, brighten your day, and bring yourself back to center.

Exercise Workouts star
Loads of exercises and workouts from BellaOnline´s Exercise Host.

Free Foods On The Curves For Women Eating Plan star

Fun Vacations With Purpose star
Is it time to unwind, rejuvenate and relax? Vacations can be relaxing and much more. You can plan an exciting volunteerism vacation in an exotic location or stay closer to home learning a new skill. Today you’re only limited by your own imagination when planning a fun and purposeful vacation.

Geneva Emotion Research Group star[offsite link]
The Geneva Emotion Research Group, directed by Prof. Klaus R. Scherer, is part of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences (FPSE) at the University of Geneva. The members of the group work on theoretical development and empirical research in the affective sciences. They conduct research into many aspects of emotions, with special emphasis on emotion-constituent appraisal processes, expression of emotion and stress in voice and speech, facial expression of emotion, central and peripheral

Graphology star[offsite link]
What does your handwriting say about you? About others?

Happy for No Reason – Marcie Shimoff – A Review star
I read a sobering statistic; less than 30 percent of people report being deeply happy. That means 70 percent of us are unhappy. Would you read a book that could help you become happier by changing day-to-day thoughts, beliefs and habits? If you said yes, you’ll want to read Happy for No Reason.

How To Fight Fair star
10 ways to keep an argument above the belt.

How To Forgive star
Science is now confirming what spiritual traditions have told us for eons: forgiveness is good for your health. What is often missing, however, is insight on how to forgive. This article provides practical and helpful ways to cultivate forgiveness.

Juicy Living Cards by SARK star
Would you like to dance with color, relax, risk the healing, play outside, take a leap of faith, or write your life so that others may be illuminated? Let SARK give you permission with these juicy, colorful, and inspirational cards.

Looking for a little clarity, comfort and comic relief? Subscribe to the Friday Mind Massage and re star[offsite link]
Ready to laugh your way through personal transformation? Each Friday, Maya serves up her signature blend of eyes-wide-open mindfulness to subscribers in over 100 countries around the world. Subscribe today!

Maria Shriver - Just Who Will You Be – A Review star
Here’s the complete title: Just Who Will You Be - Big Question - Little Book -Answer Within. Wow, what can I say, I’m gushing! I rarely “gush” over a book but I am gushing over this one. You can read it in an hour or two. A little book with a big message – live your life listening to your heart.

Moon Madness - Are You Affected star
This self development article relates to reports about lunar cycles, the mind, and moon madness. Although 'moon madness' has been around for centuries, there is still no hard evidence on exactly what causes reported changes in human behaviour and strange effects around the time of a full moon.

No title star

no title star

no title star

Personality, Love, and other Fun Tests star[offsite link]
Shape preference test, pig drawing test, and more!

Physical Development of Children star[offsite link]
A milestones chart.

Programming Language Inventor...Or Serial Killer? star[offsite link]
A very fun test in which you decide if the picture is of a serial killer or computer language inventor.

Queendom´s star[offsite link]
This site features tests like "The Etiquette Test", "The Snob Test", "The Couch Potato Test" and more. (Unfortunately, the "serious" tests now cost money...)

Real Age star[offsite link]
Includes health assessments (including Real Age test), Health news, health library and more.

Relax At Home Inexpensively star
Have you wanted to take a vacation and relax mind, body and spirit but just haven’t been able to find the time and/or money? I’ve discovered that it doesn’t take a lot of money to create an ideal “getaway.” Here are a couple of ideas for creating an “at home” mini-vacation without breaking the bank.

Rich Brother Rich Sister – A Review star
Robert Kiyosaki and his sister Emi have written a book together. That may not sound so unusual until you realize one is a multi-millionaire and the other a Buddhist nun. Both openly and honestly share personal, and often intimate, details about their journey to find inner faith and financial peace.

Spring Clean Your Life - Introduction star
It has occurred to me that there are parallels to the rooms in our houses and the ´rooms´ of our life. Very often, how we live in the material realm can be a representation of what´s going on inside of us.

Stretch Now star[offsite link]
Aching, numbness or tingling after using the computer? Yes? then its time to do something about it! This great site offers stretches and information.

Strong Women star[offsite link]
Interactive fitness programs and books.

Suzy Welch – 10-10-10 – A Review star
If you’re looking for an effective way to make better decisions, let me suggest reading 10-10-10 by Suzy Welch. There’s nothing earth shatteringly different in her theories or ideas but what you will find is an extremely practical plan for making wise decisions - that’s a skill worth reading about.

Thank You Power by Deborah Norville – A Review star
Thankful people seem to have found the key to a life filled with happiness. What if your life could change by simply believing in the power of thank you? Deborah Norville in her book Thank You Power will prove to you that thank you can be an unstoppable happiness magnet.

The Atkins Diet star[offsite link]

The Daffodil Story star
A few years back a friend emailed me this story. I'm impressed with the message because it is one we can all learn from and take to heart. Don’t wait until tomorrow to achieve your life’s goal, begin today. All great successes begin one small step at a time.

The First 30 Days - A Review star
Change is inevitable. It’s part of living life. When faced with change we have two choices; we can embrace it or fear it. In her book, “The First 30 Days,” Ariane de Bonvoism provides a well thought out guide for using change as a catalyst to help us grow and thrive.

The Five Love Languages star
Where´s the needle on your love tank? Author Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate believes everyone has a love tank, and that tank is filled by different love languages. These five languages are Gifts, Words of Affirmation, Quality of Time, Acts of Service, and Physical Touch.

The Five Love Languages of Children star
How´s the needle on your child´s love tank? Find out about the 5 ways in which children receive love, and learn to identify your *own* child´s unique love languages. The love you´re giving may not be the love they´re receiving.

The Nonverbal Dictionary of Gestures, Signs, and Body Language Cues star[offsite link]
Items in this Dictionary have been researched by anthropologists, archaeologists,biologists, linguists, psychiatrists, psychologists, semioticians, and others who have studied human communication from a scientific point of view. Fascinating stuff.

The Overflowing Brain - A Review star
I am neither a psychologist nor a scientist yet the inner workings of the human brain have always fascinated me. Are we overloading our brain with too much too fast? The Overflowing Brain is an interesting read for those of us fascinated by self-development.

The Secret - A Review star
This best selling little book has been in circulation for a couple of years and is still among the top selling books in the world. Why? The Secret by Rhonda Byrne gives us permission to go for our dreams. Even if you’ve read this book before, it’s time to dust it off and read it again.

The Spark star[offsite link]
Crazy, but fun, tests.

Tone Teen star[offsite link]
Getting healthy for teens.

Tony Robbins star[offsite link]
Includes product list, Discussion Board, event schedule, etc.

W. Mitchell star[offsite link]
This amazing guy is mentioned in Tony Robbins´ works. Having overcome two life-threatening and life-changing accidents-the first a fiery motorcycle accident and the second an airplane crash-Mitchell says: "Before I was paralyzed there were 10,000 things I could do. Now there are 9,000. I can either dwell on the 1,000 I´ve lost or focus on the 9,000 I have left." His remarkable message inspires audiences to shed self-imposed baggage and obstacles that prevent them from achieving their goals.

What The Bleep Do We Know – DVD Review star
Have you ever had a movie recommended and watched it just to see what all the fuss was about? That’s how I came to watch “What The Bleep Do We Know.” If you are interested in the power of the human mind and how it affects self-development, it’s my turn to recommend this DVD to you.

Which Country Are You? star[offsite link]

Why Your Life Sucks (And What You Can Do About It) star
Does your life suck? Are you feeling empty, anxious, tired, or cheated? Find out the 10 ways your life may suck and what you can do about it.

Women Who Think Too Much star
This book came out earlier this year, and I gobbled it up in two sittings. Several people have borrowed this book from me, and have found it incredibly insightful. It features a breakthrough new method that teaches you how to free yourself from overthinking.

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