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Cheetah Conservation in Botswana
The cheetah is a threatened species across Africa, but Botswana is tackling this issue with passion and vigor, using the locals themselves to get the message of saving the cheetah out to their own people.

Mo Abdi Farah – Somali Singer in Norway
Mohamed "Mo" Abdi Farah was born in a war torn Somalia. His mother fled with her seven year old son to set up a safe life in Norway. Here Mo became a shining star of the stage and may even represent Norway at the Eurovision song contest in 2014.

Mobile Technology in Africa
Africa is undergoing a mobile technology revolution. Phones and mobile phone contract sales are booming and this growth is generating income and giving people across the plant access to valuable services.

Ibn Battuta - The Great Explorer
The world has celebrated many great explorers – David Livingstone, Marco Polo, Mungo Park, Richard F. Burton, but little is known of one of the greatest. Ibn Battuta of Morocco travelled over 75,000 miles in almost thirty years. He went to North Africa, the Middle East, Central and South Asia.

Raffia Cloth of the Kuba People
Raffia cloth is central to the culture of the Kuba people as the symbolic patterns reveal stories and secrets about their lives. Variations in the cloth tells a lot about the wearer.

Mozambique Coastline
The Mozambique coastline is almost untouched. It stretches between Tanzania and South Africa. The most beautiful part is the northern region which shows little signs of the civil war and poverty the country has had to face.

Lake Fundudzi and Venda Legends
The mystical Lake Fundudzi lies in the Soutpansberg region of southern Africa. For the Venda people it is a sacred place and has been an important part of their spiritual tradition for centuries.

African Palm Oil
The prized palm tree produces a large orange fruit which is used in the production of a range of regional dishes and everyday non-food necessities. It can be seen on supermarket shelves around the world and thus is a valuable part of West African economies.

Jemaa el Fna - Marrakesh Town Square
The Jemaa el Fna is the town square in the Old Town of Marrakesh. Here you will find a combination of an alfresco food bazaar and street theatre. During your stay in the city you will return many times to gain the full experience of the city and its people. It has a true magnetic charm.

Birth of the Zulu Nation
The Zulus make up about 22% of the population of South Africa and the language is spoken across the country. Their history stretches back for centuries but their name 'Zulu' first appeared in oral tradition in the 1620s.

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