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What is Asthma?
Did you know there are different types of asthma? Do you know the signs of an asthma attack, or how asthma is diagnosed? Here's an overview of basic information dealing with asthma and how it's diagnosed and treated.

BellaOnline’s Asthma Editor on Twitter
BellaOnline's Asthma editor is now on Twitter! Find out how to connect!

What is Occupational Asthma?
Are you having breathing trouble at work? You might have occupational asthma--here's information to help you out.

Understanding Asthma Signs and Symptoms
Is your asthma under control? Do you understand and recognize the signs and symptoms of an asthma attack? Recognizing the signs of an asthma attack can save your life or the life of a loved one.

Winter Asthma Control
Do you have more asthma trouble in the winter months? No wonder, as winter has its own set of asthma triggers. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your asthma controlled in the winter.

Statistics on Asthma for 2010
Here’s a look back at statistics on asthma for 2010. Learn why following asthma stats is important.

Breathing Easier with Focused Exercise
Did you know exercise can help you breathe easier? Along with general exercise, there are three breathing techniques recommended for asthma patients. Read on for more details on how to breathe easier with exercise!

Five New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Your Asthma
Here are some basic resolutions you can make for a healthier, asthma-free New Year!

Asthma-Safe Gift Ideas
Having trouble finding a safe gift for the asthmatic in your life? Here are some guidelines and gift ideas to help you give the perfect gift!

Christmas Risks for Asthmatics
Christmas holidays are a wonderful time. Be sure to be aware of some of the asthma risks and triggers you might encounter, and be prepared ahead of time in order to have a safe and happy holiday!

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