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Coloring - Tool For Meditation
Review of three new coloring books from Special Done with mindfulness, according to the authors, coloring can be good for mind, body and spirit!

Avoiding Burnout
Burnout is so common that it is now the norm for populations in industrialized countries. Here is some of the preventive guidance I have found within the Bahá'í Faith.

Is Mankind Redeemable ?
Is it worth the effort? Can we as a species really clean up the messes we have made? Bahá'u'lláh, Prophet/Founder of the Bahá'í Faith, says yes. And His followers believe He provided the blueprint to do so.

Is Religion Really All About Chores ?
For Bahá'ís, the purpose of life is to prepare spiritually for eternity, and to spend time and effort on building virtues to make a better world: spiritual chores.

Do Bahá'ís Believe in Exorcism ?
I don't want to believe anything could force me to sin. But neither do I want to think I'm inherently capable of evil. Perhaps, believing "The Devil made me do it!" is a less shocking explanation. Bahá'ís, however, take a different perspective.

Do Bahá'ís Confess Their Sins ?
Confessing one's sins and transgressions before another human being is not a source of either redemption or pardon in the Bahá'í Teachings. A believer turns only to God for forgiveness and salvation.

Lost Civilizations, or, How Old Is Creation ?
What do the teachings of the Bahá'í Faith have to say about ancient civilizations and the age of the Universe?

Life Dice Game - Review
A review of the Life Dice, from I wish I'd had this available when I was raising children!

Finding Contentment
People need to find meaning in everything that happens to them, as well as what they do. Briefly, how I use the Bahá'í Faith to provide both meaning and purpose.

Marriage Preparation - Workbook review
A review of "Marriage Can Be Forever: Preparation counts! Walking a Path to a Spiritually-Based Marriage," by Susanne M. Alexander and Johanna Merritt Wu, Ph. D., part of the Marriage Transformation materials from that website.

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