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Recipe from Small Space Gardening
If you don't have much room to garden, you can still grow an abundance of vegetables and use them for your cooking and canning pleasures.

Propagating Wisteria
You can grow wisteria quite easily from cuttings. If you live in the northern states, the Blue Moon wisteria is said to survive temperatures down to -40 degrees.

Tips to Growing Using and Keeping Herbs
With the cold weather, it's time to gather the herbs you planted in the garden. but, once you pick, gather, and transplant them in a pot, it is helpful to know how to grow, keep and use the herbs for your winter cooking pleasure.

Herbs to Accent the Garden
Herbs aren't just for cooking, they can also enhance the landscape or garden area. Every time you brush past your herbs, they will emit a beautiful scent into the air.

Growing Herbs in Landscapes
Herbs are wonderful to plant in the garden, or to have growing in a pot on your kitchen counter. But have you considered planting herbs to be a part of the landscape?

Flowers for Clay Soil
Even if you have clay soil, you can still grow beautiful flowers to grow in your yard. This is the second installment of the types of flowers you can grow in clay soil.

Flowers that Grow in Clay Soil
Companion planting is a skill that with practice, can bring a lot of attention in your garden all because of contrast, color and texture that is created.

Five Basic Garden Tools
Did you know that you only need five basic tools to garden? Although there are hundreds of garden tools, finding the right ones for you and your garden, isn't difficult. It is far harder trying to decide what you want to plant in your garden every year.

Shrubs Hardy to Zone 4
In a continuation of my last article, here are a few more shrubs that are hardy to zone 4.

Hardy Shrubs for Zone 4
Planting shrubs provide your yard with privacy. It also gives birds a home and often if it has berries, will give birds and wildlife food for the winter. It takes some work to plant them, but they will provide you years of a cool, beautiful haven in your own yard.

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