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Fall Garden Preparation
With the arrival of fall, it is time to prepare the perennial beds. By noting the seven-point checklist, you can provide a restful sleep for all your perennials.

Planting Fall Flower Bulbs
Fall is approaching, so now is the time to begin thinking about what you want to plant in your fall flower bulb garden. By planting the bulbs in the fall, you will have beautiful flowers in the spring.

Pruning Tomato Plants
Pruning trees and vines is done without a thought, but how about your tomato plants? Well, you should prune the indeterminate tomato plants if you want your plants to be healthy and produce better fruit.

Growing Clematis
The stately clematis adds elegance and color to any landscape. They may seem showy or hard to grow, but don't let their looks fool you. They are easier to grow than you think.

Garden Mums
Garden mums grow into beautiful perennial plants. Every fall, you can look forward to a vibrant splash of yellow, white, or bronze colors. And the floral display only gets bigger and better with each passing season.

Growing Garlic
Plant garlic in the fall and harvest the bulbs next year. Garlic takes certain growing conditions and a year to grow before you can dig it for use.

Garden Journals
As a young girl, I tried to keep a diary of my every day activities. I would write down special events, things I needed to do, recipes that I liked, or a craft pattern that I did and wanted to do again. I have kept this ritual going, only now I keep a journal for my garden.

Food for Your Garden
Gardens need certain nutrients to improve the soil. By adding these nutrients, you will help your plants grow stronger, produce more fruit and fend off disease.

Bug Control
This article is a continuation of pest control in the garden. Gardening season is upon us, along with hungry bugs. Here are some helpful solutions to a pesky problem.

Getting Rid of Snails and Slugs
If you are looking for a humane and non-toxic way to rid the garden of snails and slugs, there are some things you can do.

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