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Insect Control for Citrus Trees
When bugs attack your citrus trees you need to get rid of them. Instead of buying poisonous pesticides to spray onto your tree, why not use a safe alternative to insect control.

Must Have Garden Tools
There are so many choices for garden tools. Do you need them all? Absolutely not. Just a few well-chosen ones will keep you gardening for years.

Hardening Your Plants
You've grown your plants from seed and they have grown indoors with protection. Now you want to plant them outdoors. Wait! You need to harden them off first before you transplant them into the ground.

Garden Vegetable Soup
The weather may be cold, but you don't have to be. Keep your body warm and well-nourished with a bowl of hot vegetable soup.

Collecting Angelonia Seeds
The Angelonia is also known as the summer snapdragon. Gather the seed from the Serena series so you can plant them again next season for more beautiful flowers .

Soaking Watermelon Seeds In Milk
The growing season in South Dakota is short and our plants need a head start in order to grow and produce. The trick of soaking the seeds in milk seems to make them think they were in the ground longer.

Vegetable Insecticides
Gardening is a wonderful productive pastime. You can grow delicious food for your family and friends. However, what do you do about those annoying bugs that come to dine?

Garden Planning
It's winter and you have all those gardening books coming to your home. What do you do? Start planning your garden and be ahead of the game.

Gardening in Winter
Growing sprouts is a wonderful way to garden in the winter. These little plants are packed full of nutritious value and give foods a tangy fresh flavor.

Christmas Wreaths and Mistletoe
Christmas season is one of cheer and traditions. The Christmas wreath and Mistletoe are part of those yearly traditions. Do you know why? Read further and find out.

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