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Cut the Rope - Kindle Fire
Cut the Rope is an amazingly fun puzzle game for the Kindle Fire. Rather than blocks or bubbles, here you get physics puzzles with swinging candies on ropes.

Quell - Kindle Fire
Quell is a game app for the Kindle Fire and other platforms. It's a zen-like puzzle game with delightful music and gameplay which is both soothing and challenging. Highly recommended!

Bubble Buster - Kindle Fire
Bubble Buster is a puzzle game for the Kindle Fire and other Android platforms. You can either play it with descending bubbles or in a puzzle formation where you try to clear the puzzle in the fewest shots.

Jewels - Kindle Fire
Jewels is a puzzle game for the Kindle Fire and other Android platforms which has you trying to get three-in-a-row to clear the screen of all colored jewels. A simple concept to understand - and a challenge to perfect.

Where's My Water? - Disney App
I love puzzle games. Where's My Water by Disney is a fun puzzle-style game which has you directing flowing water from a source to a destination, to help fill a crocodile's bathtub.

Amazon Kindle Fire for Gaming
Most people think of the Amazon Kindle Fire as an ebook reader. Sure, it does that, but it also plays games from the Droid gaming library. The large screen is a plus over smartphones!

Zombie Dash - Droid
Zombie Dash is a simple side-scrolling game where you blast away at zombies. It's simple, mindless fun, and you can pass a few minutes in line or on a bus working to beat your previous high score.

Handheld Walkthrough Listing
Looking for a walkthrough for handheld games? Take a look through this list!

Air Penguin - Droid
In Air Penguin, you've got a cute little penguin jumping, sliding, and racing across ice floes to reach the destination. It's a simple matter of phone tilting.

Turkey Blast! Reloaded - Droid
Turkey Blast! Reloaded is an arcade-style game where you tilt your phone to aim your shotgun and turn the turkey into a turkey dinner. It's simple, but fun.

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