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Brain Toot - iPod Touch
The world is full of brain-training games. This is a great addition to the iPod Touch world. Play it daily to keep your little grey cells active and tuned!

iPod Touch
I've had many handheld game / music units over the years, but I really love the iPod Touch. Yes it only holds 8 gig of music - but its gaming abilities far more than make up for that!

Sena iPod Touch Leather Pouch
If you have an iPod Touch, you want to keep it safe when you carry it around in your pocket. The Sena leather pouch is meant to COMPLETELY shield your iPod Touch from damage - so keep in mind this is for storage / carrying.

Knots - iPod Touch
Knots for the iPod Touch reminds me of one of the WarioWare games. It's oh so simple - but completely addictive!

Laberynth - iPod Touch
Laberynth is a classic game I played with actual wood and marbles as a child. It involves navigating the marble around a wooden track. The iPod Touch does an awesome job of recreating this game with motion sensing technology.

My Weight Loss Coach DS
My Weight Loss Coach DS is an awesome idea. It comes with a free pedometer, that you can plug into your DS! It lets you track your steps each day easily. The rest of the 'game', though, is a mixed blessing.

Guitar Hero On Tour DS
Guitar Hero On Tour brings the fun of Guitar Hero strumming to the Nintendo DS. I am really amazed at what they packed into this small handheld unit, even with its few quirks.

Let's Yoga DS
If you're interested in learning more about yoga, or simply stretching and relaxing, Let's Yoga definitely is software worth owning. From chair stretches to step by step lessons, there's something for everyone here.

Sega Superstars Tennis DS
Sega Superstars Tennis takes the full console version and brings it down to the smaller DS level. This is a challenge for the tennis part - but does quite nicely in the minigames area.

Advance Wars : Days of Ruin - DS
A departure from the standard Advance Wars games, "Days of Ruin" is a more serious-toned game than its cartoonish predecessors.

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