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Two Roads Map - Part 1
Intercession is a humble plea in favor of another, a prayer or petition to God in behalf of another. Through vision, Black Elk believed that he had been appointed to be an intercessor for his people. This vision eventually led him to take on the crucial role of leading his people to Christianity.

Wisdom Keepers
It helps us to understand that we are the keepers of the wisdom of our ancestors, that we can access this wisdom through the gates of an open heart. Our ancestors knew that we can enter these gates with thanksgiving and praise. In order to do that we have to know who we are in the Great Spirit.

Fruit Salad Recipe
This post-reservation era, holiday recipe is one made by many Native sisters through the generations. Interestingly, the same basic recipe is served during special occasions across the Great Plains and into the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy this fruit salad with a happy heart and serve it with love!

Sacred Words
Our ancestors were taught scripture as they were converted to Christianity after assimilation into Anglo-Saxon ideology. The wisdom found in the words of proverbs such as these aligned with the traditional Native wisdom of our grandfathers; speak the truth.

All Life Is Sacred; Treat All Beings With Respect
The place to start with this Native Wisdom is with the self. Love for self is the key and the foundation for all other love that comes after. Beliefs have the power to set the course of action for our souls. Do you see yourself as sacred and treat yourself with respect?

Stereotypes – A Warrior’s Response to Bias
A stereotype is born from ideas that turn into beliefs. Theses thoughts invoke within us a feeling, which turns into an attitude. This enters the physical world through action known as discrimination. Points of view differ about what constitutes bias, let the Great Spirit be your guide.

Spirits of Love - Courage, Hope, Faith
By listening to the spirit of love we can learn to let go and rest in the presence of the Creator. By activating the spirits of courage, hope, and faith, you can blaze a trail for others to follow that will make it easier to find the path to peace.

Fire Water – The Spirit of Bondage
Fire Water is a term our ancestors used to describe the potent whiskey and rum introduced to them by European traders. The word alcohol originates from the Arabic word for spirit, “al-kuhl.” In Middle Eastern folklore, the al-khul is the name of a ravenous, body-eating spirit.

Spiritual Warfare – Coaching to Retrieve the Soul
Spiritual Coaching enables an individual to examine their own heart and soul for answers. The unclaimed or shattered mind is an invitation to the realm of darkness. The cleansed and opened heart is a portal to the supernatural realm of light. Turn towards hope, seek goodness, light appears.

Children of the Tipi – Book Review
Children of the Tipi, is a book about Life in the Buffalo Days. This is beautifully accomplished through original and rare photographs and prolific quotes from the wisdom of traditional American Indian leaders and elders.

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