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Gamer Graffix Gamecube Skin
Gamer Graffix has a number of skins - or stick-on decals - to decorate the GameCube gaming system. I really liked the idea - but there are some problems here.

One Piece : Grand Battle
“One Piece: Grand Battle” for the Nintendo Gamecube is a fighting game based on the anime and manga series, “One Piece”. The show was recently brought to America by the company 4Kids Entertainment.

Shrek 2 for GameCube
Shrek 2 was an amazingly funny movie, with all of the wit and graphic animation of the first. The game Shrek 2 is obviously geared towards kids, but is great fun too.

GameCube Chainsaw Controller
If you thought that the GameCube was solely for kids, think again. This bloody chainsaw controller is specifically for the GameCube, and isn´t exactly for the tykes.

Donkey Konga
I picked up Donkey Konga (the first one) after I got Donkey Konga 2, because of the great song list in Donkey Konga. The graphics aren´t quite as good, but it´s just as much fun!

Donkey Konga 2 Song List
If you´re interested in getting Donkey Konga 2, here´s the song list you can enjoy!

Donkey Konga 2 with Bongos
I admit that the bongos seem like a silly gimmick when you first look at them. But when you start playing with them, these are REALLY good rhythm and drum trainers!

GameCube Bongo Controllers
They look like a pair of bongos. They only have one button on them, that acts as a pause or start button. They can sense clapping - and they are great fun!

Nintendo Revolution Update
The next version of Nintendo´s console after the GameCube is code named Revolution. Learn more about the progress of this much better multiplayer-enabled system.

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