Biblical Girls Names - J through R

Biblical Girls Names - J through R
Jada_______In Hebrew, ‘the Lord cares’ - We hear this as a girl's name but in the bible, it was a boy's name. Jada was the son of Onam from the tribe of Judah.

Jael_______wild or mountain goat

Jedidah_____Hebrew for 'beloved'or 'darling of Jehovah' She was the mother of King Josiah of Judah. 2 Kings 22:1

Jemima_____'little dove' or 'bright or beautiful as day'

Jerusha or Jerushah____'taken possession of or married'

Jezebel____In Hebrew, ‘There is no nobility’or 'not exalted' Read about "Jezebel - A Woman of the Bible"

Joanna_____'The Lord give graciously' or 'The Lord is grace'

Jochebed______'The Lord is glory' She was Moses' mom. Read about her here: Jochebed

Judith________'The praised one' She married Esau and was a source of grief to her mother-in-law

Julia_________'Having curly hair' She was a Christian woman who lived in Rome


Leah________It means ‘wild cow’ or possibly ‘horse face’, or 'wearied' Read about Leah here. (Two page article)

Lois________'agreeable or desirable' Timothy’s grandmother Read about her.

Lydia________'bending' A pious woman known for her hospitality. Read about Lydia.

Martha______She was a dear friend and faithful disciple of Jesus. Read about her in Mary and Martha - The Better Thing and Hospitality - Mary and Martha Style

Mary_______She was the mother of Jesus.Read about her in Mary of Nazereth
She was a dear friend and faithful disciple of Jesus. Read about her in Mary and Martha - The Better Thing and
Hopitality - Mary and Martha Style

Michal ________She was the younger daughter of Saul. It is a shortened form of Michael which means 'Who is like God' or 'Who is like Jehovah'
Read about Michal Wife of King David here.

Miriam_________She was the sister of Moses and Aaron Read about Miriam.

Naomi _________Find her in the book of Ruth. Read about her in Naomi - Discouragement and Rescue and in The Story of Three Women

Ophrah_________Hebrew for 'fawn'

Phoebe_________'pure or radient as the moon' She was a well known Christian woman. Read about Phoebe here.

Priscilla______'primitive, worthy or venerable'

Puah___________'child bearing or joy of parents'

Rachel_________'ewe' It was a term of endearment. Read about her here: Rachel

Rahab__________'fierceness' Read about her here: The Story of Rahab or How to Change a Life

Rebekah or Rebecca___'tie rope for animals'- It has the meaning that her beauty is captivating.Read about her here: Rebekah

Rhoda_________'foreign born'

Ruth__________'a sight or something worth seeing' Read about Ruth in The Story of Three Women

Names beginning with S through Z are HERE.

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