High Blood Pressure Dangers

High Blood Pressure Dangers
High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a blood pressure of 160/95 or higher. Learn more about high blood pressure and how to help remedy it.

High blood pressure simply means that when your heart tries to pump blood in its circuit around your body, it has to push very hard to get that blood to move. This could be because you have narrow arteries in veins naturally, that you are overweight and have "too much" area for your heart to handle well, that your arteries and veins are clogged up with gunk, or many other reasons.

The key causes of high blood pressure are:

* Overweight
* Lack of Exercise
* Stress
* High salt diet
* Genetics
* Smoking Habit

While you cannot do anything about your genetic heritage, you can take steps to reduce your other risk factors and have a direct impact on your blood pressure. Here are some suggestions on ways to reduce your blood pressure:

* Lower weight and salt intake on a low carb diet (grin)
* Start walking, dancing, or doing any other activity you will enjoy
* Join a team sport such as softball or volleyball
* Meditate and listen to soothing music
* Learn to say NO when you simply are too busy
* Schedule unwind time for yourself to be quiet and rested
* If you are a smoker, quit now! The sooner the better

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