Milk and Dairy Carb Chart - Atkins

Milk and Dairy Carb Chart - Atkins
Many adults are develop lactose intolerance; your body naturally loses its ability to process milk as it ages. Many diets cut down your milk intake at the start to test for this.

Even if you've done a milk allergy test before, it might be good to try it again. Bodies change over time! Cut out dairy products for two weeks straight. See how you feel. You might notice a drop in bloating and other allergic reactions which you had not realized were related to milk.

All carb counts are given for effective carbs. Fiber has already been removed.

All milk values are given in 1 cup servings.
whole milk - 11.4g
2% fat milk - 11.7g
1% fat milk - 11.7g
fat free milk - 11.9g
Kefir (fermented milk) - 9g

Milk is a natural substance. You should always check the label of the milk you are buying, to see what the carb count in your milk is. There are variations from brand to brand.

butter - 0g
egg (1) - 0.6g
half and half (2 Tbsp) - 1.0g
heavy cream (2 Tbsp) - 0.8g
mayonnaise (1 tsp) - 0.1g
sour cream (2 Tbsp) - 1.2g
yogurt (1 cup) - 17.2g

For all cream types and how they differ, visit the Cream Types and Carbs page.

In general, the heavier the cream or milk, the better (lower) the carb count.

A note about lactose intolerance and milk allergies. They are two separate things. For people who are lactose intolerant, their bodies cannot process the lactose (natural milk sugars) found in milk. However, for people who are allergic to milk, they are having a histamine reaction to the proteins in the milk. In either situation, of course, it’s a wise idea to avoid drinking milk.

While cheese is a dairy product, because there are so many types of cheese they are kept on a separate list. That is linked to below. Cream is also listed separately.

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