Vegetable Weight Loss Breakthrough

Vegetable Weight Loss Breakthrough
To reach your perfect weight and stay there easily, joyfully and permanently, one of the most important things you can do is to change your relationship with vegetables. You don't have to learn to love them, although that would be great. You just have to be willing to put vegetables first. Once you can make veggies the foundation of your food plans, all of the other criteria for healthy weight management just might come together.

Maybe you've had some bad diet experiences with vegetables. Did you ever try living on lowfat cottage cheese and celery or iceberg lettuce with some tasteless nonfat dressing? Whatever your past unpleasant experiences with vegetables, you can start a friendly new partnership when you appreciate them for what they can do for you. Most veggies (especially raw ones) are low in fat, low in insulin producing sugars, low in calories and very high in fiber that helps fill you up.

Instead of designing meals around meat, fish or poultry, start with two or more vegetables - as in a good healthy salad. You can then include some protein and a portion of low glycemic carbohydrate food. Use my Online Glycemic Index List of Foods to help you make good choices. Plus here are some other articles that might also help.Once you get into the swing of putting veggies first, many of the other essentials to your new way of eating - for a permanently slimmer trimmer you - will fall easily into place and that stubborn extra weight will simply start to disappear.

It's like the missing piece to the weight management puzzle. Eating more vegetables is one of the best things you can do for both your health and your waistline.

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