People Fuel

People Fuel
Nutrition is the simple process of nourishing your body. To do this you require the specific natural elements from food that are needed for growth, development, building cells, repair of tissue and to burn as fuel for energy.

A car was designed to run on car fuel (gas and oil). A boom box is designed to be battery operated. Your lamp, TV and vacuum cleaner are meant to be fueled by electricity. And you were designed – by the great designer – to run on people fuel.

People fuel consists of the various whole food nutrients found in the human food chain. Those whole food nutrients are what charge your body’s battery. That’s the way you were designed. And this should be clear and simple enough, right?

Yes, right! But then enter the hype marketers, irresponsible undermining media and even well meaning “good idea” people. At that point, you and everyone else get confused. Do you think you’re confused? You may be so confused that you don’t even know you’re confused. So, let’s clear things up. Click here for Nutrition 101.

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