"Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food," Hippocrates said. But he didn´t have our modern choices. These articles help you choose wisely.

Avocado Health Benefits and Tasty Ideas star
Avocados are often called a superfood, but aside from guacamole, most of us don't know how to prepare them. Here are more ways to enjoy their delicious flavor.

10 Healthiest Foods for Healthy Eating star
Focusing on these 10 healthiest foods for healthy eating, you'll look and feel your best, slow down aging, protect yourself against disease and stay healthy.

Are Dark Chocolate Health Benefits for Real? star
We´d all like to believe in dark chocolate health benefits, but are they for real? Can a person really get healthier from eating chocolate? Let´s find out.

Are Herbs Nutritional Fuel? star
Where do herbs fit into the nutrition picture?

Basic Nutrition 101 Healthy Eating Tips star
These healthy eating tips will help you understand basic nutrition101 and choose the macronutrients and micronutrients necessary for basic healthy eating.

Benefits of Drinking Lots of Water star
Most people don’t fully realize the many health benefits of water. Yet drinking water is cheap, calorie-free and it’s actually your most important nutrient!

Benefits of Eating Organic Food star
Had any yummy pesticides lately? Eating organic food helps protect your body from toxic chemicals. But there are also other benefits of eating organic food.

Cancer Foods that Boost Immune System star
Find out which anti-Cancer foods boost immune system strength and help prevent and fight off cancer. Start now to include them in your eating plan.

Chat about Fat star
Is the fat in food friend or foe? You may be surprised. Part 1 – Saturated fats, unsaturated oils and trans-fatty acids.

Diet for Lowering Triglycerides for Heart Health star
There are three very important reasons why a good healthy diet for lowering triglycerides is a good idea.

Do You Need Nutritional Health Supplements? star
Are nutritional health supplements necessary or can you get everything you need from the food you eat? Learn the nutritional facts about health supplements.

Fact or fiction - You Can Get Everything You Need from the Food You Eat star
What do you think? Find out the results of an extensive U.S. Dept. of Agriculture study on the American diet. You just might be surprised.

Food - Medicine or Killer? star
The famous ancient Greek physician Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine and let your medicine be food.”

Foods High in Antioxidants Phytonutrients star
When you look for a naturally effective carotenoid antioxidant, always ask yourself a simple question. “Can I find these ingredients at a fruit and vegetable stand or salad bar?”

Foods that Cause Constipation Problems star
These foods that cause constipation are low in fiber and high in certain fats. Choose from my high fiber foods list and constipation won´t be a problem.

Foods that Cause Gout and Natural Solutions star
Foods that cause gout were historically only available to the wealthy. Today, two million Americans are suffering from gout – just like King Henry VIII.

Healthy Food List and Healthy Eating Guide star
With a good healthy food list you can look younger, have more energy, slow down aging and stay well. This is your healthy eating guide and healthy food list.

Healthy Mediterranean Diet Plan and Lifestyle star
Studies shows a healthy Mediterranean diet plan can help you lose weight and live longer. But knowing what a healthy Mediterranean diet is can be confusing.

Hidden Obstacles In Your Food star
On the road to good health, most people go astray because of just three basic ingredients in their food - salt, fat and sugar. And often these additives are hidden, so you don’t even know they’re there.

Hidden Sugars star
As we head into the holidays, it´s important to manage the amount of sweets and simple carbohydrates in your diet. This article will show you what to look out for.

How Long Can a Person Live without Food star
There are four reasons to ask, "How long can a person live without food?" They are survival, protest, biology and anorexia. We´ll discuss each one.

Hunting And Gathering At The A&P star
Whether we’re hunting mastodons, gathering roots and berries or shopping at the A&P, our choices are still a series of risk management decisions.

Is Pasta Good For You? star
Is pasta healthy food? That depends. Pasta can be healthy or unhealthy based on the pasta and how it's prepared. Here's your guide for healthy eating pasta.

Junk Food Adds Up star
Junk food has taken over the American diet. For example, desserts are now the single most common food in the national diet.

Margarine or Butter – Which to Choose? star
The butter vs. margarine debate has been going on for years, but now there´s sufficient scientific evidence to make a knowlegeable choice.

Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods and Diet star
Is the inflammatory response at the root of all disease? Probably! But a natural anti-inflammatory diet and anti-inflammatory foods can reverse the process.

Online Glycemic Index List of Foods star
This online glycemic index list of foods is your map to healthy weight loss and weight management. The GO and NO columns, make it easy for you to choose.

People Fuel star
What is nutrition? Let’s unravel the confusion and pinpoint basic nutritional reality.

Pure Water star
Water, water everywhere, but from it many shrink. Water, water everywhere, what are you going to drink?

Saturated Fat and Trans Fat star
How much can it hurt to indulge in an occasional saturated fat treat? Learn how trans fat, processed oils and saturated fat indulgences hurt your health.

The Bitter Truth about Stimulants star
We can’t live without food. It’s essential for our nourishment, growth and energy. Stimulants, however, are not essential.

The Health Benefits of Almonds star
I'm nuts about almonds and their long list of health benefits! Find out why you should include almonds in your healthy diet

The Importance of a Healthy Diet star
Do you understand the importance of a healthy diet? Most people don't. If they did, they'd be making healthy food choices and eating a super healthy diet.

Trans Fatty Acids Risks and Sources star
Trans fatty acids have been proven to raise “bad” LDL cholesterol and increase risk of cardiovascular disease – the number one cause of death in the U.S.

Vitamin D and Lack of Sunshine star
Vitamin D and sunshine go together. Among other ailments, a D deficiency increases the risk of “adult rickets” or osteomalacia, a painful bone disease that can lead to muscle weakness, bone pain and bone fracture.

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