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Homonyms from Bark to Batt star
How many of the following homonyms are you familiar with?

Homonyms from Acts to Affect star
Homonyms are a source of confusion for many people. These words sound exactly alike, but each one has its own way of being spelled and its own meaning. I never realized how many homonyms there were until I searched for them. This article covers only a few of the many homonyms I have discovered.

Homonyms from Ail to Ant star
Homonyms are words that are frequently confused by people. They sound exactly alike but are spelled differently. One has to learn what each spelling means. When confronted with a word that has more than one spelling, confusion can set in.

Homonyms from Ante to Auricle star
Have you ever wondered why words that sound exactly alike, yet are spelled differently, have been allowed to remain? Not only do these words continue to be a source of confusion for many writers, they also endlessly confuse school children and those who donít know the English language very well.

Homonyms from Away to Baling star
Homonyms are everywhere. How many of these can you incorporate into what you are writing?

Homonyms from Bait to Bear star
Our journey into the world of homonyms continues, as we explore words from bait through bear that are spelled differently, yet sound alike.

Homonyms from Baud to Bier star
Here are some more homonyms that begin with the letter b. How many of these are you familiar with?

Homonyms from Bel to Blue star
In this article, homonyms from Bel to blue are explained. With how many of these are you familiar?

Homonyms from Bloc to Born star
How many of the following homonyms are you familiar with? In this article, you will learn about homonyms from bloc to born.

Homonyms from Borough to Bred star
How many of these homonyms are you familiar with?

Homonyms from Brewed to Byre star
With how many of the following homonyms are you familiar? Please realize that each word may have many more definitions than the one that I mention. It would take up far too much space to try and acquaint you with every definition for each word.

Homonyms from Cache to Capitol star
Homonyms from cache to capitol.

Homonyms from Carat to Ceiling star
With how many of the following homonyms are you familiar?

Homonyms from Cell to Cent star
There are an endless supply of words that sound alike, yet are spelled differently and even have different meanings in our wonderful English language. I challenge you to learn all of these words, along with their different spellings and meanings, and use them in your writing.

Homonyms from Cents to Charred star
This article contains the meanings of homonyms from cents to charred.

Homonyms from Chased to Chute star
It pays for writers to know their homonyms and the proper use of each one. It is a shame that so many people, including many writers, have homonym issues. I have seen mixed up homonyms in books, in articles, and even in newspaper stories.

Homonyms from Cite to Coaled star
Homonyms are words that sound just alike, yet are spelled differently and have completely different meanings. These words are easily confused by many people, even writers. How many of the following words did you realize were homonyms?

Homonyms from Conch to Currant star
There is an entire world of homonyms to be discovered. In this article, we investigate homonyms from conch to currant.

Homonyms from Curser to Due star
Homonyms are two or more words that sound just alike, yet their spellings and meanings are different. Do you know the difference in meaning between cygnet and signet? Or how about the difference in meaning between darn and darne? Learn about these homonyms and others in this article.

Homonyms from Demean to Discrete star
Does your car have dense or does your car have dents? Do you die a shirt or do you dye a shirt? When you enter a room quietly are you being discreet or are you being discrete? Have fun learning about the homonyms from demean to discrete.

Homonyms from Discussed to Effect star
Do you make bread with dough or do you make bread with doe? When you accidentally fall asleep, do you doze or do you does? When you complete a task, are you done with the job or are you dun with the job? Have fun learning about homonyms from discussed to effect.

Homonyms from Eight to You star
Do you elicit information or do you illicit information? Is a female sheep a ewe, yew, or you? Does the answer elude you, or does it illude you? Was the king's harem guarded by eunuchs or Unix? Have fun learning about the homonyms from eight to you.

Homonyms from Eye to Ferry star
Is it an eye or an aye that helps you to see? Are your shoestrings laced through an islet or an eyelet? Would you send a facts or a fax? When you pass out, do you faint or do your feint? Was Tinkerbell a fairy or was she a ferry? Learn about these homonyms, plus a few more, in this article.

Homonyms from Faker to Ferret star
Would a faker or a fakir swindle you? Which one would you see on a farm, a farrow or a pharaoh? Your jewelry does not contain precious gems. Is it faux or foe? Is a hero responsible for a feat or for a feet? Which one would you want to have as a pet, a ferrate or a ferret?

Homonyms from Feted to Furr star
Would you file the papers, or would you phial them? Do you use a filter or a philter in your fish tank? You lost a very important paper. Do you need to find it, or do you need to fined it? There are several trees growing in the forest. Are they fir trees, fur trees, or furr trees?

Homonyms from Fisher to Flows star
Will a flea or a flee be attracted to your dog? Does the farmer have flocks of sheep, or does he have phlox of sheep? Enjoy learning about these homonyms and more in this article.

Homonyms from Flour to Frieze star
When you make a cake, do you use flour or flower? Does for, fore, or four come after three? Is a chicken a foul or fowl? Will water frees, freeze, or frieze when the temperatures are super cold? Have fun learning about these homonyms and many others in this article.

Homonyms from Friar to Gallipot star
Your character is a monk. Is he a friar, a frier, or a fryer? If your character wants to grow an evergreen tree in his yard, would he plant a fir or a fur? Would a pharmacist use a galipot or a gallipot?

Homonyms from Galley to Guild star
Would you cook in a galley or a gally? Does a horse gallop or galop? Do you wear genes or jeans? Would you be a member of a gild, gilled, or guild?

Homonyms from Gilt to Gopher star
Would a glazer or a glazier put the glaze on your doughnuts? Would you describe your pleasant neighbor as gneiss or nice? Do you watch the gnus or news each evening? Is it a gofer or a gopher that digs holes in your yard?

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