Miniature Orchids

Descriptions and cultural information on growing a number of miniature orchid species.

Angraecum distichum star
Grow this miniature for its lovely foliage as well as fragrant flowers.

Cischweinfia pusilla, The Tiny Cischweinfia star
Terri Lewin tells us about Cischweinfia pusilla is the type flower for its genus.

Dendrobium bracteosum star
Here´s a great little miniature to compact Dendrobium for species lovers.

Dendrobium draconis, The Dragon Dendrobium star
Dendrobium draconis is an easy miniature to grow mounted or in a pot.

Dendrochilum filiforme, The Golden Chain Orchid star
The Golden Chain orchid is a lovely addition to any collection with its arching sprays of up to 100 tiny yellow flowers.

Dracula erythrochaete, The Red Tufted Dracula star
Dracula erythrochaete is a miniature with a face only a mother could love. The name "Dracula" refers to the dragon-like shape of the flower.

Encyclia bractescens – Miniature Orchid Series star
Encyclia bractescens is a good miniature for almost any grower. It is easy, does not need high light, and is really cute!

Epidendrums longipetalum and tortipetalum star
Epidendrums longipetalum and tortipetalum are great additions to any collection of miniature orchids.

Equitant Oncidiums or Tolumnia star
Learn about these miniature orchids

Goodyera daibuzanensis – Miniature Orchids Series star
This miniature Jewel Orchid is perfect for adding interest to a terrarium.

Growing Orchids in a Fishbowl star
Try growing miniature orchids in a fishbowl if you're having trouble providing them with enough humidity.

Hexisea star
The genus Hexisea contains two miniature species well worth growing. Hexisea bidentata and Hexisea imbricata both sport red flowers.

Ionopsis – Miniature Orchid Series star
Here´s some information on an interesting little miniature -- Ionopsis.

Isabelia pulchella, The Beautiful Neolauchea star
Isabelia or Neolauchea pulchella is a cute little miniature with startling bright magenta flowers.

Laelia esalqueana - Miniature Orchid Series star
Here's a lovely little miniature with bright yellow star-shaped flowers.

Leptotes bicolor, a member of the Cattleya Alliance star
Leptotes bicolor, a miniature that is best grown mounted.

Masdevallia saltatrix, The Dancer Masdevallia star
Masdevallia saltatrix is a wonderful cool-growing miniature.

Miniature Laelias star
Miniature Laelias in purple, yellow and white are perfect for the windowsill grower.

Miniature Orchids Series star
Continuation of the series on miniature orchids started earlier

Miniature Orchids – Masdevallia star
Masdevallias, a South American cloud forest genus, make wonderful plants for the home grower.

Neofinetia falcata, The Japanese Wind Orchid star
Learn about the culture requirements for this lovely miniature orchid.

Oncidium cheirophorum, a Small Dancing Lady star
Terri Lewin tells us about Oncidium cheirophorum is a miniature version of the popular "Dancing Lady" orchid.

Platystele Mini-Orchids star
Learn about two truly tiny members of the orchid family from the genus Platystele. These minis are good candidates for terrarium growing.

Pleurothallis – Miniature Orchid Series star
Pleurothallis orchids are among the best of the minis to grow in the home or terrarium.

Ripicolous Laelias- Miniature Orchids Series star
Ripicolous Laelias now in the genus Sophronitis are rock dwelling in nature. They are great plants if you can give them the conditions they need.

Rodriguezia lanceolata, The Small Lance-Head Rodriguezia star
Rodriguezia lanceolata, The Small Lance-Head Rodriguezia, is a lovely little miniature that looks like a tiny vanda.

Sophronitis cernua, The Nodding Sophronitis star
This little Sophronitis is the smallest and one of the easiest of this genus to grow. It is the only one that will survive in warm temperatures.

Thelasis Pygmaea - Miniature Orchid star
Thelasis Pygmaea is a tiny orchid growing in the tropical forests of South Asia. It can be grow for its uniquely shaped pseudobulbs.

Three Popular Maxillaria -- tenuifolia, rufescens and variablis star
Learn about three popular members of the the Maxillaria genus suitable for growing in the home.

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