Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Mask Review

Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Mask Review
On a recent overseas trip, I lost my allergy/asthma face mask. My allergy mask is one of the most important pieces of gear I pack for trips away from home. When I got to the States, I was going to buy the same mask I always use, but came across the Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Allergy/Asthma mask and decided to give it a try. Read on for a review about this mask and my recommendations.

Breathe Healthy Honeycomb Mask Details
The Breathe Healthy Honeycomb mask comes in several distinct colors and is made from material that is "flexible and comfortable." Tests have shown the mask filters particulates down to 1.0 micron, which is 1/25,000 of an inch. Human hairs are between 30 and 120 microns, while dust mites can measure from 100 to 300 microns. This means the mask can filter out mold spores, pollen, dust, dust mites, pet dander and much more.

The fabric used in the masks is coated with an antimicrobial agent that works to kill many types of bacterial and viral germs. According to the Breathe Healthy website, their masks are treated with a "hospital safe, non-leaching, non-allergenic antimicrobial." In other words, the antimicrobial technology does not make use of poisonous chemicals that could harm the wearer.

The antimicrobial layer doesn't lose strength over time; it will last the lifetime of the mask. When the mask becomes worn out, you just throw it away--the fabric is not dangerous for the environment. The Breathe healthy company says their masks will help prevent colds and flu. In addition, the fabric wicks and repels moisture, making the mask more comfortable for wearing even on warm days or during workouts. Each mask is washable--hand-wash and air dry, and your mask is ready the next time you need to wear it.

The mask is completely latex-free and uses a firm padded nose form to make a good seal across the nose bridge. The sides of the mask are elasticized, which also helps make a more complete seal. The ear loops are soft and adjustable.

The Breathe Healthy Honeycomb mask is advertised as being proper gear not only for regular use (mowing lawns, avoiding microbes and allergens, etc.), but can also be used for sanding and drywall, renovation and construction work. Breathe Healthy Honeycomb masks come in both adult and child sizes.

My Experience with the Breathe Healthy Mask
Here are the pros and cons I found during my use of the mask:

Came on time and was as described: I ordered the Breathe Healthy mask from Amazon, and it came right on time. The mask's fabric is soft and flexible, just as described. The ear loop and the rest of the mask were also as described and came in the correct color (beige). (I prefer a skin-colored mask to use for international travel. This color doesn't draw as much attention as a brightly colored mask.)

Wearing the mask: the mask was easy to put on, as well as easy to get the right fit to create the necessary seal to filter out allergens, etc. I wore the mask during flights and in airports during layovers. I also wore the mask at home when dusting and doing other housework. The mask stayed comfortable and mostly cry/cool (compared to other masks I've used).

Filtering performance: the mask was able to filter out most of my asthma triggers. I had no asthma exacerbation while wearing the mask with the proper fit/seal. One more note--I didn't get sick on this trip. I usually manage to pick up some airborne bug when traveling; I credit the mask with keeping me protected from viral and bacterial bugs.

Nose-piece: I had only a minor issue with the fit of the nose-piece. The nose-piece is made of a strong, plastic-encased metal that helps to ensure a proper seal for the wearer. The seal is important--(this goes for any allergy/asthma mask) if the mask isn't properly sealed, then it won't be able to properly and effectively filter out asthma and allergy triggers. I was able to get the nose-piece in the proper position to create the seal, but the wideness of the metal strip made the mask slightly uncomfortable over the bridge of my nose. This didn't cause pain, rather it was just uncomfortable. The metal strip is a little bulky. A thinner piece of metal might work just as well.

Fumes/Strong Smells: this mask doesn't claim to protect against all environmental asthma/allergy triggers. I noticed that some fumes/strong odor slightly came through the mask. This happened mostly at the airport, where the smell of aviation fuels is very strong. Even so, my asthma stayed controlled. Your reaction/results may be different from mine, as each person has a different level of sensitivity to environmental triggers.

Thumbs Up Recommendation
I highly recommend the Breathe Healthy Honeycomb mask. Keep in mind that any mask will draw attention; however, wearing the mask will help you avoid most of the allergy and asthma triggers that you need to avoid. I've not used the mask during cold and flu season, yet, but am confident it will perform as described due to the antimicrobial technology used on the fabric.

If you're looking for a comfortable, affordable allergy/asthma mask that performs as advertised, then the Breathe Healthy Honeycomb mask is the one for you.

You can find the Breathe Healthy Honeycomb masks on Amazon and on the Breathe Healthy website:

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