Ferrets and California

Ferrets and California
Jim C. Hitchcock of California Department of Health Services, wrote The European Ferret, Mustela Putorius, (Family Mustelidae) its Public health, Wildlife and Agricultural Significance.

"European polecat, Mustela putorius, is not a domesticated animal even though it has been captive bred by man since at least Roman times. It has been selectively bred to be an intelligent, efficient, effective, and a vicious killer."

"There has also been a consequent increase in reported attacks on humans, especially infants, including several fatalities."

I can't find a single case of a ferret killing anybody in the United States.

No wonder Californians were never able to get the domestic ferret legalized in California. People believe this nonsense. There have been very few ferret bites even using a ratio figuring in the number of ferrets in the US (which will be low considering the million or so ferrets hiding out in the state of California) After living out there for six years and seeing entire aisles donated to ferrets supplies in every single large city I would estimate there are millions of ferrets in California. It wouldn’t be financially feasible to donate that much space to an animal that doesn’t exist in California. Anyway, back to the ratio of dogs and ferret bites would figure to be 1 (ferret) to 1294 (dogs).

Approximately 3-6 million animal bites a year, 80-90% dogs, 5-15% from cats, 2-5% are rodents, “with the balance from other small animals (eg, rabbits, ferrets), farm animals, monkeys, reptiles, and others.” https://emedicine.medscape.com

Domestic ferrets are not vicious killers. They are very tame. Heck my ferrets aren’t even overly coordinated. I can just see them planning an all out vicious assault. First of all there going to get excited and fall off of the bed. Next they will forget what the plan was because something caught their interest. The ferret attention span is all of a minute if we are lucky. I am not saying they are stupid; in fact they are quite intelligent. They just find interesting things.

If by some remote chance they remember this big plan after falling off the bed, playing with every potential toy along the way, next will be the immediate need for a nap. A two hour nap where their breathing is so light it is hard to tell if they are alive or not. Come on people ferrets are not vicious, and the domestic ferret is certainly tame.

Maybe this person was referring to the European Polecat, the wild one that lives in Europe. I am sure this can be a nasty beasty. They have to eat. They haven’t been domesticated for a couple of thousand years. I am sure, for needing their own agenda; they may have confused the two animals. After all, it is difficult to tell a domestic house cat from a serval or an ocelot.

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