Autism Spectrum Disorders

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Raising and educating your beautiful child who has developed autism can be a struggle you never expected as a parent. Chances are that before your child was diagnosed, you experienced mixed reactions from family and close friends when you talked about your concerns for your child, especially if the topic was introduced by the other person.

Even after diagnosis, isolation from your regular support circles and frustration with the complications and symptoms of the condition can weigh heavily upon your shoulders. You want the best opportunities, accommodations and support for your child; you want a cure; you want the child he or she would have been without autism; you want to be a perfect parent no matter what the conditions or events that occur.

Others might not understand the love and dedication you have for your son or daughter who has autism; others might take for granted that you are strong and can do it all on your own. There is support available from other parents who understand parts of your own situation. Every child with autism is unique, but many families experience some of the same unique qualities of autism that your child expresses.

Every parent of a child with autism is unique, too, and in a group of a hundred who are united in wanting the best for their children with autism, you may find only two or three who are true kindred spirits - or you may find twenty or thirty - or ninety, depending on the topic that is being discussed.

Finding the most up to date information and resources for your child is important, but it is also crucial that you find support and encouragement for yourself. Even with the best school program, respite care options, financial stability, and longish periods of good health and measurable progress toward goals, you can feel overwhelmed or like you just plain ran out of gas. Be kind to yourself - we care about the quality of your life and the richness of your experience, too.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of your child who has autism, and for reaching out today for the information, resources and support that is available for your family.

Autism organizations have specific and general resources on autism spectrum disorders and can be found at the Family Village web page links on Autism at
including The Autism Society of America at

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November 2007 an alert went out warning families of children who use weighted blankets of possible lead contamination.

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Oprah - April 2007 - Faces of Autism

Browse at for books on Understanding Autism like:

Mother Warriors by Jenny McCarthy

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Sensory Critters

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Autism Information at

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Books on Autism Spectrum Disorders

We welcome discussion of any of these topics at the SNC forum at
Special Needs Children Discussion

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