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The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough

I'm a HUGE role playing fan, and Morrowind is simply great! Great graphics, a diverse set of races and classes to play, quite customizeable. You can make all sorts of choices for your character from helpful to selfish to downright nasty. How I play can be the exact opposite from how you choose to play!

Seyda Neen
Starting Out
Choosing a Race
Choosing a Class
Finishing with Sellus Gravius
The People of Seyda Neen
The Cave of Addamarsartus

Pelagiad (on way to Balmora)
Walking There
The People of Pelagiad
Maurrie Aurmine

Moonmoth (next on way to Balmora)
The People of Moonmoth

General Notes
Map and Guide of Balmora Area
West/Left: Council Club & People
East/Right: South Wall CornerClub
East/Right: People you Meet
West/Left: Shop/Guild Area
Upper Area, Up Hill

Caldera (east of Balmora, north of Moonmoth)
The People of Caldera

Fighter Guild Jobs
Job 1: Cave Rats
Job 2: Egg Mine
Job 3: Telvanni Agents at Caldera Mining Company

Caius Jobs
Job 1: Dwemer Puzzle Box

Other Notes
Alchemy Mixes
Plants - Locations, Photos and Uses

Books to Read On Line
The Alchemists Formulary (Pelagiad)
Barbarian's ABCs (Balmora)
The Firmament (Seyda Neen)
Lives of the Saints (Seyda Neen)
Ordos Legiones (Pelagiad)
True Noble's Code (Caldera)
Special Flora of Tamriel (Caldera)

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