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Boys & Puberty star[offsite link]
Informative article from Planned Parenthood

Boys and Stress star
Because boys talk about stress less than girls, helping them learn to deal with it may require a little more thought and creativity.

Boys Delayed Puberty: How To Ease Their Fears star[offsite link]
Everyone has his or her own normal biological time table for pubertal development. Some boys, for example, show signs of puberty while still in elementary school, while others can get well into high school still looking like little boys.

Boys Will Be Boys, So Just Listen! star[offsite link]
How do you communicate with a son who doesn´t seem interested in talking to his parents at all?

Circumcision Information & Resource Pages star[offsite link]
Huge database of links/resources on circumcision.

Coping with Winter Colds star
Winter colds are a fact of life, but there are a few things you can do to make your little guy more comfortable while getting through one.

Encouraging Good Sleep Habits star
Although you may fee triumphant after your son finally sleeps through the night, you should realize that sleep problems can manifest themselves any time. Get a leg up on these problems before they even appear, and save yourself some grief!

Having a Baby After 40 star
Having a baby after 40 can rock your world! Whether planned or not, having a baby after 40 is quite different from having a baby at 25.

How Do I Decide About Circumcision star[offsite link]
Deciding whether to have your newborn son circumcised may be difficult. You will need to consider both the benefits and the risks of circumcision. Other factors, such as your culture, religion and personal preference, will also affect your decision.

How to React to a Doctor's Bad News star
Hearing unexpected news from the doctor can be scary, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is something seriously wrong with your son. Staying calm will help you understand what the doctor tells you and, therefore, better advocate for your son.

If Your Son is on Drugs star
Drug abuse affects all income levels, all races, and all ages. Living with someone who has a drug problem is a huge challenge, but there is help available.

Keeping Cool This Summer star
The summer heat does not have to keep your son inside this summer. Observe some simple practices, and make sure that his summer is one to remember!

Letting Your Son Have Contacts star
Deciding to let your son get contact lenses can be a big decision for any parent. Most boys who wear glasses start asking for contacts almost right away, but how does a parent know when her son is really ready?

Medication During Pregnancy star
Pregnant women often wonder which medications are safe to use during pregnancy. While the information in this article should not in any way be considered medical advice, it does provide a jumping-off point for a conversation with your doctor.

Mother´s Against Circumcision star[offsite link]
Routine Infant Circumcision is not practiced in most medically advanced nations. Unlike American parents, few parents worldwide are actually faced with this choice.

Parenting with Chronic Pain star
Parenting sons is challenging enough. Parenting sons when you deal with chronic pain issues can be overwhelming. To get through periods of chronic pain without losing your heart for parenting, consider these suggestions.

Potty Training Your Son star
Potty training does not have to be a nightmare, but it probably will be a challenge. Be prepared for that challenge and know that you will succeed!

Preventing Food Poisoning star
Food poisoning outbreaks seem to be happening at record levels. What can you do to keep your family safe? Keep reading for some tips.

Questioning Jewish Circumcision star[offsite link]
Like the American cultural practice of circumcision, Jewish circumcision is dependent on the acceptance of cultural myths. Of all the myths that Jews believe about circumcision, the one that is paramount is the belief that all Jews circumcise.

Raising Intact Sons star[offsite link]

Raising Intact Sons star[offsite link]
Offers advice about making the decision whether or not to circumcise. Also gives helpful information on cleaning, care, and othre important issues related to intact boys.

Recipes Your Son will Eat star
Getting kids to eat can be a challenge for any mom. Here are three ideas that will have your sons both cooking and eating with you happily!

Should You Circumcise Your Son? star
The decision whether or not to circumcise your son is a very personal one. Circumcision should not be one of the things that causes you stress with your newborn boy.

Should You Require Your Son to Wear a Bike Helmet? star
Knowing the statistics behind bike helmet laws can help you make a more informed decision about whether or not you should require your son to wear one.

Taking Care of Your Son When You are Sick star
Taking care of your sons when you are sick is one of the most difficult things you have to do as a mom. Try some of these ideas to get through those long sick days when you are the only one on hand to take care of your son.

The Benefits of Extended Breastfeeding star
Extended breastfeeding is an issue that elicits strong opinions on both sides. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not this practice is best for you and your child.

The Importance of Playing Outside star
Playing outside is crucial for the physical, emotional, and educational development of your son. He can learn more from playing outdoors than you might first think!

What Are Wet Dreams? star[offsite link]
A frank discussion on nocturnal emissions.

What to Do When Your Son is Diagnosed with OCD star
While OCD, or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is something that many people think of as an adult illness, it can also affect children. Here are some things to consider if your son is diagnosed.

What´s An Adam´s Apple? star[offsite link]
Excellent article for boys about the larynx, a/k/a Adam´s Apple!

Who Will Visit After the Baby is Born? star
You may be envisioning a 24 hour-social in your room after your son is born, while your husband doesn’t plan for anyone but his parents and yours to visit. How much more pleasant the whole experience will be if you settle the issue now!

Why do Boys Have Such Trouble Hearing You? star
If you are the mother of a boy, you have likely wondered if he hears as well as other children. Odds are good that your son suffers not from hearing loss, but from selective hearing. To solve this problem, read on!

Wilderness Therapy star
Wilderness therapy is one option for parents to consider when they see their sons having trouble coping with life, acquiring bad or dangerous habits, or experiencing depression.

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