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A Crisis in Education for Boys star
Once upon a time, girls were considered as being left behind in the public school system. Unfortunately, the opposite is now true. This article discusses the reasons for the educational disparity that now overwhelmingly favors girls.

Ability Grouping in School star
Ability grouping is not present in all schools, but in those schools in which it exists, it is not by any means unanimously supported. If ability grouping is present in your school, is it something that is right for your son?

Apps to Encourage Your Son to Read Classics star
If your son needs a little encouragement to read the classics, these two apps will ensure that he sees these works for the exciting literature they are.

Boys In The Classroom - Is It Cool To Fail? star[offsite link]
This article discusses educational trends & how our system is setting up boys to fail.

Discussing Politics with Your Son star
Politics are everywhere these days. When, why, and how should you discuss them with your son?

Five Tips for a Great Parent-Teacher Conference star
Fall means many things, including parent-teacher conference time. Make this year's a great one with these tips.

Help Your Son Have a Successful School Year star
The new school year can mean new troubles if your son is one of the many who typically displays behavior problems in school. Being aware of a few simple differences between the way girls and boys learn can mean a better school year for you and your son.

Help! My Son is Afraid of School! star
With the first day of school looming, you may find this time of year stressful for a number of reasons. If your son is afraid to go to school, though, that stress may be overwhelming. Getting to the bottom of his fear can make the transition back to school easier for both of you.

Homeschooling Boys star[offsite link]
This is a Yahoo Groups e-mail list for parents who are homeschooling boys. Practical tips, weekly chat & resources/links are available.

Homeschooling Your Son star
With homeschooling becoming more and more mainstream, you may be wondering whether or not homeschooling your son is an option for you. This article answers some of the questions you may have.

How Much Homework Help to Give Your Son star
Homework can be a difficult topic for many parents. How much should you help your son? Is his homework appropriate for his age? When should you talk to the teacher? This article will help you dissect this issue and answer these questions!

How to React if Your Son Cheats star
Cheating in school has become much easier in the 21st century, causing more boys to succumb to its temptation. What steps should you take if you find that your son has cheated?

How to Talk to Your Son's Teacher star
Talking to your son's teacher can be a difficult or intimidating process under the best of circumstances. Considering a few factors ahead of time can make the meeting go more smoothly, and can build your relationship for the future.

Learning and Intelligence Diagnostic Tests star
Knowing that your son does not think in quite the same way as other boys, but not being able to pinpoint the difference can be very frustrating, but there are diagnostic tests that, when administered by qualified professionals, can help you figure out his individual needs.

Resources at Your Public Library star
If you haven’t checked out your public library’s webpage lately, you definitely want to log on to see what you’ve been missing!

Surviving the First Week of School star
The first week of school can take everything out of you and your son, both physically and emotionally. In order to get through this week, consider adopting some of these strategies.

Unabridged vs.Abridged Books star
If there is one subject on which librarians (and many parents) feel strongly, it is abridged classics: some love them and some hate them. What few seem willing to admit is that each side has some good points. Without further ado, then, here are the benefits of each:

Ways to Save on School Supplies star
As hard as it is to believe, summer has barely started when it is time to think about going back to school again. School clothes and supplies don't have to be a major expense, though, if you plan ahead.

What the Common Core Standards Mean star
The term Common Core Standards is all over the news and, most likely, your child's school. What are these standards? What do they mean for your son and his education?

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