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The Human Centipede Review
'The Human Centipede’ is one of the most talked about horror movies of current, it's sick, it's twisted, and I watched it. What is a human centipede? Read this to find out, oh, and bring your sick bucket...

Cry Wolf Film Review
A look at the 2005 film 'Cry Wolf', about a group of students who make up a fictitious killer, only to see someone take their stories and make them real.

Predators Movie Review
A look at the much anticipated new installment in the Predator movie franchise here with ‘Predators’, which see’s a group of misfits having to fight for survival against the nasty aliens.

Top Shocking Horror Endings
Following on from last week and the week before, here are my TOP TWO of my all time most shocking horror endings.

Top 5 Horror Movie Endings
Carrying on from my TOP TEN horror movie endings, here are the the top 5, 4 and 3 horror movie endings. These do contain spoilers for the films included, so if you don't want to know the endings, when you see the title don't read on. These movies are all fantastic, and have fantastic endings.

Top Ten Best Horror Endings
First part of my most shocking horror movie ending top ten. This does contain spoilers for the movies included. So what made the list?

The Box 2009 Film Review
A look at the horror/sci-fi thriller,'The Box', starring Cameron Diaz and James Marsden who recieve a strange box. If they psh the button on the box, they'll recieve 1 million dollars, but someone will die - what would you do? I review the movie.

Sexiest Horror Movies
A list of the sexiest horror movies, with the hottest stars and the best scares. Who makes my list?

What makes a film scary
What makes a film terrify you? Make you leave the lights on when you go to sleep? And what's the difference between a true horror film and a shocker? I take a look...

Wes Craven's Deadly Friend
A look at the Wes Craven classic fantasy horror, 'Deadly Friend' starring Kristy Swanson and Mathew Laborteaux. Based on the novel 'Friend' by Diana Henstell.

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