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Indigenous Religion & the Bahá'í Faith
The core of all religions is seen by Bahá'ís as a unified and progressive whole, provided by a single loving God to humanity. Indigenous people's sense of the interrelationship of all of creation may be the most important contribution to the science and spirituality of the modern world.

To Move the World - Book Review
Gayle Morrison's work exposes us to the amazing work of one man, who dramatically changed not only the Negro rights movement, but also the understanding and application of race unity within the Bahá'í community of the United States.

Bahá'ís and Revolution
There is the stink of revolution in the air. Frustration is fueling violent responses from the downtrodden as well as those trying to make things better. What is the position of the Bahá'í Faith on revolution as a means of change?

Are Bahá'ís Dissidents ?
A dissident is one who uses words in order to educate and expects that to cause change, and a revolutionary might be a frustrated dissident who is tired of waiting. The followers of Bahá'u'lláh can adopt neither position, even though they are working to make the world a better place.

Coming of Age in the Bahá'í Faith
What sort of religious ceremonies are used for transitioning to adult believers, like confirmation within some Christian sects? Is there a Bahá'í culture that defines child, youth and adult?

Listen, God? We have to talk...
Questions and investigation of Truth are an integral part of Bahá'í theology. Finding the answers that work in today's world is important to followers of Bahá'u'lláh.

How Can God Love Us ?
Is the concept of God only a time-honored tool of crowd management--part whip and part sop for our consciences? And if not, why is God so patient with human flaws and disobedience?

What are Bahá'í Wills ?
I have been updating my will and discovered that a will and testament are actually two different things for Bahá'ís.

Triumph over Weakness
Religion is well known for advising humanity to overcome weakness. The Bahá'í Faith is only the latest chapter in an ongoing religious Book. And right now, with advertisers and politicians and news media telling us the world is crumbling around us, we could all use some strength!

Make Things Better : Visit
Want to do something right now, this moment, which will make a difference in your life? In the life of someone else? Of the neighborhood, the city, the country, the world?

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