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Old, New, Red, Blue! – Book Review
A Disney Pixar Cars “ready to read” Level 1 book to enjoy!

I Like Bugs – Book Review
A Step into Reading “ready to read” Level 1 book about bugs. What’s not to enjoy!

Smoke Jumpers - Book Review
What does a smoke jumper do? Where do they work? How do they do it? Smoke jumpers work together as a team to fight forest fires.

Dizzy and Muck Work it Out – Book Review
Dizzy and Muck are to be left alone to make Mrs. Potts new garden path. Wendy assures Mrs. Potts that they will do a beautiful job, and Mrs. Potts leaves to go get groceries.

Kitten's First Full Moon - Book Review
The first time a kitten sees her first full moon she mistakes it for a bowl of milk and tried to taste it. Enjoy her antics!

Gratefully Yours – Book Review
What will become of Hattie after her parents and brother are burned in a New York tenement fire?

Miskeen- the Dancing Horse - Book Review
Miskeen is from a farm in southern Bulgaria but is sold to be a dancing show horse in a Russian traveling circus.

Buttercup, the Clumsy Cow – Book Review
Buttercup is a very clumsy cow and so the other farm animals want to stay away – until her clumsiness saves the day and the chickens!

Jimmy on Ice – Book Review
What will Jimmy Neutron think of next? A wonderful idea to beat the heat, but when he launches a 900SPF sunblok to the son, a new ice age starts.

Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch – Book Review
Mr. Hatch is a quiet man who doesn’t smile. He works in a shoelace factory and eats his lunch all alone. Do you know someone who feels all alone?

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