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Dog Days, Sloe Dog, Bloodhound Recipes
The dog days of summer are most definitely upon us and I, for one, am looking for some cool, refreshing cocktails to stay cool and sane till cooler weather returns. The Sloe Dog features grapefruit juice, one of my favorite mixers, and the Bloodhound is fruity and red, of course!

Summer Solstice, Swedish-Style
Celebrate the Summer Solstice like it’s celebrated where the sun won’t set. In Sweden, where the longest day of the year is as long as a day can be (24 hours!), just four main ingredients set the midsommar party stage - schnapps, akvavit, fish, and song.

Cocktail Culture Fashion Exhibit
Headed to a cocktail party? What’re you wearing? Get ideas from Cocktail Culture: Ritual and Invention in American Fashion, 1920-1980, “an intoxicating exhibit of apparel, accoutrement, and ephemera” that emphasizes the value of the cocktail to the American drinking public for more than 60 years.

Vodka Eyeballing
It is not meant to be poured into one’s eyes but unfortunately a growing trend among young drinkers is called vodka eyeballing, where the person places the mouth of a vodka bottle directly on an eye, tilts the head back, and pours the vodka into the open eye.

Proof on Liquor Labels
Ever wonder what the proof on liquor labels is all about? What does it prove? Is the British Royal Navy involved? Gunpowder?? Mysteries revealed here . . .

Cocktail Recipe - The Mary Pickford
This sweetly refreshing cocktail is named in honor of the legendary silent film actress, Mary Pickford. Did you know she was one of the founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, that glitzy organization that brings us the Academy Awards and the much-coveted Oscar statuette?

Nightclub & Bar 2011 Convention and Trade Show
When professionals from the liquor industry want to come together to discuss, share, and otherwise celebrate all things booze, where do they go? Well, this year, they’re going to VEGAS! The Nightclub & Bar 2011 Convention and Trade Show, in Las Vegas this year, is on March 7, 8, and 9.

Adopt a Fire Hydrant Near You
When you shovel that snow from your own driveway or sidewalk, why not uncover the nearest fire hydrant, too? Adopt a fire hydrant near you for a winter-long project. Keep it clear and it will keep you and everyone you love much safer during this (and every) brutally cold, treacherous winter.

Godiva Chocolate Vodka Recipes
These four Godiva Chocolate Vodka recipes are the perfect way to celebrate National Chocolate Lovers Month - today and every delicious day of the month!

Drink Recipes - Lioness, Tiger’s Tail, Polar Bear
“Lions and tigers and bears. Oh, my!” Oz isn't the only place where trouble seems to lurk around every corner. When the jungle closes in on you, think about some Oz-inspired cocktails: the Lioness, Tiger's Tail, and Polar Bear.

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