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Shrubs - Flowering Abutilon
An Abutilon (Flowering Maple) shrub or standard in your garden will provide beautiful bell-shaped blooms from late spring through summer, and some varieties bloom almost continuously. These evergreen perennial shrubs are perfect for containers. Here's how to grow yours.

Recipes with TOMATOES and PEPPERS
Tomatoes and peppers can be easily dried in your oven or dehydrator for use in sun-dried tomato recipes, and for storage over the winter. It´s very easy and takes less than half a day in the oven to achieve what could take several days in the sun. Here are your tips for preparing and storage.

Shrubs - Angel's Trumpet
An Angel´s Trumpet shrub or standard in your garden will astonish and delight visitors, and you! These fast growing, large flowered, wonderfully scented evergreen perennials are natives to warm areas, so they need to be protected from frost, making them perfect for containers.

Cantaloupes in Containers
Have you chosen to not grow vine crops in containers, thinking they will not be healthy, or there will not be enough room for the vines to grow? Cantaloupe can be an excellent choice for your container garden. Here are tips and tricks for growing sweet, juicy, bountiful container cantaloupe.

Shrubs - Mahonia
The various Mahonias, including Oregon Grape and California Holly Grape, are wonderful shrubs for containers. They are easy to grow, have clusters of yellow flowers in spring followed by pretty, edible fruit, then colorful foliage in fall and winter. Here are tips for growing yours!

Hydrangeas in Containers
Hydrangeas are wonderful flowering shrubs for growing in containers: they are fairly hardy, and with proper care they reward you with beautiful clouds of flowers from summer through fall. Here are tips for growing beautiful container hydrangeas in almost any climate.

Autumn Flowers for Containers
As the weather starts to cool, your summer containers may be looking a little aged. Don´t despair! There are still plants available to give your garden a burst of color. Many choices go well with other autumn decorations, like pumpkins and dried corn. Here are some great autumn planting ideas.

Propagation From Cuttings
Propagation from cuttings is an excellent way to increase your garden, to winter over delicate perennials, or grow your own living gifts for giving over the holidays. Cutting propagation is simple to do with many plants. Here are the tips you need to start your own mini-nursery!

Training a Standard
A standard, a shrub or vine which has been pruned to grow on a single, upright trunk, can be a beautiful addition to your container garden. Several type of bushes and vines lend themselves quite well to being trained as a standard, and it is quite easy to do. Here is what you´ll need to know.

Sweet Bell Peppers
Sweet bell peppers are a garden favorite and very easy to grow in containers. Here are the tips you'll need to harvest a wonderful crop of sweet peppers right from your porch or patio.

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