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Breakdown in Conversation
Summarised from a presentation by Dr. Christopher Lind, Senior Lecturer in Audiology, Speech Pathology and Audiology Flinders University to BHA Adelaide Inc. members during Hearing Awareness Week 2012. Topic: "I'm sorry, would you repeat that?" - Observing how hearing loss affects every day talk.

Is it our right to hear?
Sometimes it seems, even in countries like Australia, that only if you have money do you have the right to hear.

Testing Lip Reading
How good is lip reading? Can people really read lips without any sound and understand what is being said?

The innovations of hearing loss technologies
The first ‘hearing aids’ if you could call them that, were hearing trumpets. They were large and cumbersome - like the trumpet on early gramophones. We've come a long way since then :-)

Some famous hard of hearing people
famous hard of hearing people, famous deaf people, famous deaf musicians, famous deaf politicians

Suggestions for Hearing Better
There are many situations where we need different kinds of hearing and therefore different solutions. I thought I’d look at some of these.

Hearing Awareness Celebrations
Many countries have a Hearing Awareness Week (or a Deaf Awareness Week)– a week in which individuals, organisations and companies seek to raise awareness about hearing health. I wondered what it is for.

The emotional toll of hearing loss
Accepting our loss we can minimise the emotional toll on ourselves and put us one more back in control regaining some of the independence we feel we had lost.

Communication creates understanding
We all know that listening is the best way to create understanding. When you are down, if you have a friend you can talk to about your problems this simple act of having someone listen often takes away the stress.

How Definitions affect us
"Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me". I know it’s intended to teach children not to listen, to take the sting out of someone calling them names, but we all know that names stigmatise and never more those who have some kind of disability or difference.

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