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Is a cochlear implant worth it?
Robyn was deaf from an early age but she became one of the first in NZ to have a Cochlear Implant. When it failed after 15 years she had no hesitation in being remplanted. But when that implant also failed - what was she to do? This is her story.

Deafness and Entertainment
Hearing is such a vital part of our culture and if you can’t hear you miss out on so much. Almost all entertainment requires hearing.

Insensitive response to Deafness
Most of us have been subjected to the insensitivity of others because we didn’t hear them speak to us. But what if it is your family?

How do we cope with being deaf?
When someone like me goes slowly deaf (over about 15 years) we slowly adapt and make changes that help us to interpret the hearing world.

Keeping hope alive
My personal journey was hard. Being positive was not always easy but I discovered it was up to me - I had to keep hope alive that things could improve. This article looks at some of the ways I did it.

Hearing help solutions
If you have a hearing loss there are many kinds of solutions. The best solution for you will depend on how bad and what kind of loss you have. This article looks at hearing aids, implantable solutions and assistive listening devices.

Guilt and Hearing loss
Even though, we shouldn’t we deafened adults find plenty of things to feel guilty for.

How hearing loss affects our well-being
We all have needs that help us live a happy and fulfilling life. If any, some or all of these needs aren’t met then depression is often a result. Deafness impacts on all areas and we need to understand how.

Why is Deafness so isolating?
When communication difficulties exist human interaction stops and without human interaction we feel alone.

Why isn’t there a universal Sign Language?
Surely when sign language was being developed it would have been sensible to have a universal language? That might seem logical but in reality it isn’t.

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