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Using a Jog Stroller
Considering a jog stroller? See why I became a convert to this great parent aid for walking trips or local exercise. Benefits and caveats of jog strollers and options to consider.

Children's Fever Medications
When it becomes necessary to treat a child's fever, there are important things to know about common fever medications. There are also several non-medication options available for fever control.

Treating Fever in Young Children
Fevers can be scary in young children, especially for new parents. Parents must decide if a fever should be treated or left to run its course, and if and when a child should visit the doctor. If treating the fever, there are a range of drug, non-drug and alternative treatments available.

Cold Medicines for Children
When children get sick, parents often run to the local store and stand helplessly in the medicine aisle wondering what to buy. Despite the hundreds of brands, there are really just a few main types of cold medicines and it is helpful to know the basic purpose of each one to help make a decision.

Be Koool Soft Gel Sheets - Product Review
High fevers in young children can be very frightening for parents. When trying to reduce a high fever, it's a good idea to have many different tools in the arsenal. Be Koool strips can be helpful in reducing fevers as well as controlling the headaches can come along with colds and flu.

Eating Out With Kids - Tips and Tricks
Having kids does not have to mean an 18 year moratorium on eating out. With some planning and ingenuity families can eat out without going broke or insane.

Choosing an Infant Car Seat
Information on infant car seats. Are these necessary and desirable? Important features to consider if purchasing an infant seat.

High School Musical Birthday Party
Since the release of the first of the High School Musical movies on TV in 2006, a High School Musical birthday party has become a popular theme with girls of all ages. Here's some ideas for HSM activities to keep your birthday girl and her friends busy.

Getting Kids to Brush Teeth
Getting kids to brush their teeth twice a day can represent an epic struggle between parents and children. However, rather than a battle, recasting the battle over brushing teeth as a time to bond and hand over control can turn routine care into special parent-child time.

Disney Family Fun Magazine Review
I recently read the first two magazines in my subscription to Disney Family Fun Magazine, and was frankly surprised by how much I enjoyed them. Family Fun targets families, essentially moms, with children under 12 and features crafts, cooking ideas, activities and strategies for family life.

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