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Exotic Pets and Children
Exotic pets, for that matter any pet, I don’t care if it is a dog, cat, ferret, all pets, they should always be supervised especially when around children. If an exotic pet injures a child it is the caregivers fault. If a child injures a pet, again, it is the caregivers fault.

Giant Redheaded Centipede - Didn't Come Home
Sometimes it must be intelligence (common sense) over a pull of the heart strings if we make a decision to bring an exotic pet into our home or not. Here are some examples of some exotic pets (centipede and a Savannah cat) I wasn�t able to bring into my home and the reasons why.

Exotic Pets and Your Significant Other
Introducing a menagerie of exotic pets to a new significant other, in my case my new husband. This article is dedicated to the one I love my husband George Geiger. Pioneering new relationships can be interesting, and a learning experience, to say the least. Several funny animal pictures and videos.

Sugar Glider Cages
Sugar Gliders need considerable space to jump and climb. Spacing needs to be small otherwise the sugar glider will squirm right out of its cage. Where to buy sugar glider cages, sugar glider accessories, how to build a homemade cage cheap! Also, sugar gliders for sale and sugar glider breeders.

Tarantula Cage - Vivarium
Learn how to cage your pet tarantula in a natural vivarium environment to be able keep your pet tarantula safe, comfortable, and happy. You will need to keep humidity and heat in the enclosure but yet have ventilation. The tarantula cage must be escape proof. A terrarium makes a perfect habitat.

My Favorite Exotic Pet
How many of you have asked me what my favorite exotic pet is. I am going to finally answer that question. What is the answer? Will it be a stick insect, snake, skunk, ferret, tiger, or raccoon. There is so many more pets to choose from.

Exotic Pets - Effects of Stress
It isn’t fair to your pet, exotic pet, or child to live in a world of emotional chaos. Many exotic pets can be very sensitive to emotional stress especially when it is ongoing. An emotional problem now can very well become a physical illness; colds, asthma, cancer, a huge diversity of illnesses.

Tigers - Extinction
I hope the strategy reached at the Tiger Summit over the weekend is a success. The tiger will likely be extinct in 11 years. I have my doubts. Everything that is needed to make this effort work has a long history of underlying problems from humanities’ greediness to poverty.

Savannah Cat - Savannah Cats
Savannahs Do Make Great Pets, Don’t believe BCR’s Hype (Big Cat Rescue). I’ve been a cat breeder for a few years now. I breed Savannah cats, an exciting new domestic breed of cat accepted by the International Cat Association (TICA) and one of their fastest growing new breeds.

Hybrid Cats - Designer Cats
Hybrid or designer cats are climbing the popularity charts. A cat that is often described as much dog like as cat like is also depicted as loyal. Exactly what are hybrid cats or designer cats? This article is the precursor to the hybrid cat series, the Bengal, Chausie, Safari, and Savannah cat.

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