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Animals Teeth
All pets that have teeth, not just dogs and cats, can have problems with their teeth. The majority of animals do have problems with their teeth and this can lead to early disease and death.

Gerbil - Pet Gerbils
Learn how to care for the exotic pet gerbil. They are social animals but will fight with each other unless they are from the same family. Pay attention to the type of cage you buy because gerbils are great little scratchers and chewers; and will chew right out of cage.

Marshall Bi Odor Ferret Deodorizer - Review
Many people would have ferrets, they are popular, and fun, wonderful pets, and just generally gives you an amazing feeling of contentment. However, some people are turned off by the smell. There is something you can do about the odor; use Marshall Bi Odor Ferret Deodorizer.

Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset
A tiny monkey hanging on to my finger does sound pleasantly cute and intriguing. The so called finger monkey weighs all of a half of an ounce at birth. Enjoy the pictures of the darling little pygmy marmoset. In reality what is the finger monkey? New article link how to care for the Pygmy Marmoset.

Off Label Drugs
Doctors prescribe off label use of medications many times a day. Just less than one quarter of all drugs prescribed is off label. Drug companies are not willing to pay for studies if the market doesn’t justify expenditures. Off label drugs for our pets?

Mini Pig Teacup Pig at the Golden Globes?
When the word got out that mini pigs teacup pigs were going to be given out to the stars that receive the swag bag gifts; little tokens to remember the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This is totally and utterly irresponsible! Update to the Micro-Pig TeaCup Pig article.

Milk Replacement - Orphans - Wildlife
You may find it necessary to care for an orphaned animal that is too young to eat solids. Or, perhaps you may have found a puppy or kitten that needs to be bottle fed. There is a lot of confusion what milk replacement formula to feed orphaned puppies, orphaned kittens, or orphan wildlife.

Ferret Supplies
Ferret supplies - the exotic pet is quite different from other pets. Certain products are essential to their health and safety. Ferrets are no different than other exotic pet in needing certain essential items for their health, safety, and happiness.

Diversities in Care - Quizzes!!
A pet owner’s lack of knowledge about their pet can result in unintentional animal cruelty. We have to have full knowledge in order to accept the responsibility of having a pet. Are you ready to test your knowledge of exotic pets. Take some fun quizzes? Are you ready? - Quiz on diversities of care?

Miniature Donkey - Miniature Donkeys - Pets
Did you know that donkeys had a natural tendency to be a guard animal? Not all but most. Miniature donkeys love attention and will go out of their way to get that attention. See baby miniature donkeys! As with other herd animals they must live with their own kind to keep them from becoming lonely.

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