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Harvesting Your Produce
When is the best time to pick your vegetables? How do you store them for later use? Some of these questions will be answered in this week's article.

How to Store Your Carrots
This is a continuation of planting carrots. What do you do with them after the season comes to a close? There are several ways to store them through the winter months.

Planting Carrots
Most every garden has carrots and radishes planted. What are the right ways to plant the seeds? As the season progresses, you need to know what to look for in pests and how to control them. This week’s article is on planting carrots and some of the pests you need to guard against.

Planting Strawberries
How can you plant a new and productive strawberry bed? In many attempts to keep a strawberry bed, this is what I have discovered that works the best.

Herbs and Their Many Uses
We use herbs in cooking and potpourri, but it has so many other uses. Why not take a part of your garden and plant some herbs. Some are pretty and others will send fragrance into the air when you walk by.

Double Duty Herbs
In looking through some of my mother's old books, I found a list of some herbs that serve double duty. Cooking and pest control. What more could one ask?

Tomato Plants
Tomato season is coming. Here are some of the more popular varieties that we used to sell at the greenhouse when I worked there.

Crocus, the Sign of Spring
The snow is almost gone and the crocuses are blooming. A certain wonderful sign that spring is practically here.

Starting a Fig Tree
Fig trees, which are more like a bush than a tree, are easy to propagate. Depending on the variety you choose, they will provide you with sweet delicious fruit.

Heirloom Tomato Plants
The snow is finally beginning to melt. Tonight for the first time in many months, it is warm enough to rain. Nothing makes me think of gardening more than hearing that sweet gentle rain falling. Even the robins have returned and are out finding food. All this has made me think . . .Tomatoes.

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