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The Five Biggest Baddies of Science Fiction Television
Over the years scifi TV has featured some truly fantastic villains, from "Doctor Who"´s Cybermen to the sexy Cylons of "Battlestar Galactica." We´ve picked our favorites, the ones who inspired the best stories, fired our imaginations and became cultural references. Check them out...

SciFi Channel Adds Original Series, Late Night
The SciFi Channel has announced several new shows for their upcoming slate, including a late night talk show from George Noory and original series like "Painkiller Jane," "Witch Doctor" from "Firefly"´s Ben Edlund and the animated "Alien Invasion."

Red Dwarf 101
There´s no American equivalent to this smeggin´ great Brit export, and with good reason. If you know nothing about the "boyz from the Dwarf," here´s a primer on the zaniness that is "Red Dwarf"!

The New “Doctor Who” First Season Episode Guide
The new "Doctor Who"´s first season, starring Christopher Eccleston, comes to a close on the SciFi Channel Friday night. Here´s a review of the ninth Doctor´s 13 episodes, which will be released on DVD July 4.

Big TV Networks Unveil Fall Schedules With Supernatural Twists
The fall TV season includes a few series of interest to scifi fans, such as the post-apocalyptic scenario of CBS´ "Jericho" or the "Groundhog Day"-like life of Taye Diggs in ABC´s "Day Break." What else is in store this fall? Check it out.

SciFi Adds BSG Spinoff and Late-Night Talk
The SciFi Channel is introducing a slate of new offerings, including talk, sketch comedy and reality, that will give it a bit more depth and a little added excitement.

The Cliffhanger Awards-SciFi TV Edition
The cliffhanger is a tried-and-true device to get people excited about the next season of a TV show, and to keep them hanging all summer. Here are a few of the best, and worst, from scifi television.

Book Review--The Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman
The follow-up to "American Gods" is a fast-paced story of the sons of the African Spider god--and it´s full of the sharp imaginative wit of fantasy legend Neil Gaiman.

DVD Review--“Red Dwarf Series VII”
In Series VII, "Red Dwarf" makes a few changes--but is ultimately great fun for fans of this wacky British scifi import. Smoke me a kipper, skipper--I´ll be back for breakfast!

Book Review - Finding Serenity
In our first Book Club book review, we look at "Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon´s ´Firefly.'"

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